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Varun Batra? The unknown Agent 21 from VALORANT

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We’ve known for a long time that the Riot Games development team will introduce us to a new character soon. Its about agent 21, a complete unknown to date. Or so we thought. And it is that the company has shown us a small teaser on the test server (PBE) revealing to us that this agent could be from India. And so we come to the big question: Is Varun Batra the well-known Mage?

you already know that VALORANT agents arrive from many parts of the world. Germany, Korea or the United States are some of the locations of these characters. And it seems that India will join this roster of characters. From Riot Games they know that their player base is very important and they want all those users who play VALORANT to feel identified with their characters. This is where Agent 21 comes in..

Is Varun Batra Agent 21 from VALORANT?

According to the different leaks, agent 21 shooter of Riot Games would have India as its place of origin. Many players have long requested a character with these characteristics and the developer could fulfill it soon. That is why it would not be a surprise if when the developer announces the next Agent 21, it confirms that he arrives from India.


through different teaser, the company has shown more details of this character. And in one of the cards that appear in the game we can see that a character is mentioned who would arrive from India. Mind you, it might never make it to the game. And it is that on more than one occasion we have seen characters who have shown their names but have never made an appearance.

For the moment we will have to wait for Riot Games to offer more information. If confirmed, Varun Batra could be the aforementioned Mage, an agent who would have supernatural radiant powers. There is still time until the new character is released, so we can wait until Riot Games provides more information.

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