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VelocityOne Rudder Pedals & Stand: Turtle Beach introduces new accessories to their line-up – Esports Extras.

Turtle Beach today has the Velocity One Rudder Pedals and the VelocityOne Stand unveiled as the latest addition to the brand’s growing range of gaming simulation accessories. The two products are designed in such a way that users can use them with both the VelocityOne Flight Universal Control System from Turtle Beach as well as with other steering systems and pedal setups.

With the Velocity One Rudder Pedals by Turtle Beach, flight simulation fans can upgrade their setup for even more realism. For flight simulations on Windows PC, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, the new Rudder pedals dual pedal configurations for light aircraft and heavy airline setups. A smooth rudder axis and non-contact Hall Effect sensors ensure smooth movement and longer product life without maintenance. The differential brakes allow for tight turns and precise control on landings. With interchangeable springs and customizable pedal widths and shapes, the Velocity One Rudder Pedals better reflect the conditions of a light aircraft, heavy airliner or fighter jet and provide additional realism. Multiple stable mounting solutions allow it to be firmly anchored to a variety of surfaces. the Velocity One Rudder Pedals will be available from October 31, 2022 and can be pre-ordered now at and at participating retailers at an RRP of EUR 299.99.

Of the VelocityOne Stand by Turtle Beach allows a flight sim setup to be safely set up and stored. It is designed in such a way that users can use it in the best possible way with the VelocityOne Flight Universal Control System from Turtle Beach. Of the VelocityOne Stand is also compatible with other flight and racing simulation accessories. It features a built-in quick release buckle that allows players to customize the height, angle, and length. Additionally, the upper mounting platform can be tilted for optimal handlebar or steering wheel placement, while the lower platform can be similarly adjusted for rudder or racing pedals. The reversible desEsports Extrasallows it to be used in both directions. The solid steel mounting platforms are designed for use with the VelocityOne Flight & Velocity One Rudder-Products pre-drilled. Non-slip and adjustable rubber feet ensure a secure footing and the practical, foldable desEsports Extrasallows for easy storage without disassembling the accessories first. Of the VelocityOne Stand is available from December 2022 and can be pre-ordered now at and at participating retailers at an RRP of 199.99 euros.

“We have the VelocityOne Pedals and the was standing teased behind closed doors over the past few weeks, which has led to initial and very positive reactions from the Flight Sim community,” says Jürgen Stark, Chairman and CEO of the Turtle Beach Cooperation. “Now that all the details are in, including expanded compatibility with other products, we’re sure fans can’t wait to test their setups with the VelocityOne Pedals and the was standing to be added once these products come to market.”

The features of the Velocity One Rudder Pedals:

  • Extremely smooth-running rudder axis: A single, centered axis provides fluid, low-friction forward and reverse motion for precise directional control. Friction-free linear bearings enable smooth, precise and maintenance-free operation. Two sets of interchangeable springs for the main rudder axle provide additional adjustment options.
  • differential brakes: Spring-loaded brake pedals provide precise control of the brakes on the runway, as well as steering assistance when either pedal is depressed.
  • Interchangeable pedals: Two sets of interchangeable pedals provide a realistic recreation of light aircraft or airliner pedals.
  • Adjustable pedal width: Adjustable pedal width is suitable for a variety of people and types of aircraft.
  • Precise, durable axles: Non-contact Hall Effect sensors on all axes provide high resolution data and longer life than standard potentiometers.
  • Stable mounting solutions: Heavy-duty metal construction with rubber bumpers and gripper bar on the bottom provides a stable base on a variety of surfaces and features pre-drilled holes for permanent mounting to existing home cockpits.
  • Universal PC compatibility: The second meter USB-C to USB-A cable can be connected directly to the PC to use the Velocity One Rudder Pedals to add to the existing setup.
  • Flying on Xbox: It is possible to switch from PC to Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One by pressing the mode button and using an included pass-through cable. For operation on Xbox consoles, that is VelocityOne Flight Universal Control System necessary.

The features of Velocity One Stands:

  • Adjustable design: Can be precisely adjusted in height, angle, length and inclination of the upper and lower mounting platforms using quick-release fasteners.
  • Solid steel construction: The robust steel construction ensures a secure attachment of the simulation accessories. VelocityOne-Specific and universal mounting holes allow for permanent installation.
  • Universal Compatibility: He is for that VelocityOne Flight Universal Control System and the Velocity One Rudder Pedals and can be used with most other steering wheels, rudder and racing pedals from other manufacturers.
  • Flat fold design: Of the VelocityOne Stand folds flat with no need to remove accessories first.
  • Flexible orientation: Thanks to the versatile design, it is possible to adjust the main shaft orientation as desired.
  • Adjustable rubber feet: The wobble-free rubber feet are adjustable and ensure that the VelocityOne Stand stands firmly on the ground.

For more information on the latest Turtle Beach controllers, gaming headsets, simulation accessories and other gaming peripherals, visit Turtle Beach is also on TikTok, TwitterInstagram, Facebook and YouTube.

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