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Venom joins Marvel’s Midnight Suns on February 23

venom, Marvel’s hungriest antihero presents us today, through a new trailer, his new addition to the Marvel’s Midnight Suns universe. The DLC Redemption arrives on February 23 with three new stories, improvements in the Abbey and new costumes for the symbiote hero.

The last character to be introduced last January was Deadpool, one of the most anticipated antiheroes by the community. Venom is not far behind and also promises to be a great success. The symbiote can be recruited as a hero to correct his past mistakes, bringing new abilities and his great appetite to devour his enemies. In this downloadable content, three new missions are introduced, continuing the story of the first DLC, which introduced the threat of vampires to New York City.

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Also, an important aspect is the construction of the new Venom research project, Whispering Network. This will be constituted by the players, to expand the tactical options of the Intel resource.

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Marvel's Midnight Suns

In addition to the new character, the game is available at a 40% discount across all platforms, and a three-hour game trial on Xbox Series, and a two-hour game trial on PlayStation 5, is also available for PlayStation Plus Premium players. .
On PC, it is also available on Steam from February 16 at 7:00 p.m. until Sunday, February 19 at the same time.

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