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Victor Vran: Overkill Edition free with GameStar-Plus – successful Diablo alternative


No Pay-To-Win and no micro-transactions. Victor Vran delivers a classic action RPG campaign.

Diablo Immortal has caused some frustration in the community. The expectations of the next “real” Diablo are all the higher. Unfortunately, that is still a long time coming.


Victor Vran: Overkill Edition is the ideal in-between snack to satisfy Diablo hunger for the time being. This is a classic Diablo-style action RPG campaEsports Extrasthat you can play alone or cooperatively with up to four friends.

In contrast to most other representatives of the genre, Victor Vran doesn’t play in the well-known fantasy setting, but stands out pleasantly from its competition with its creepy atmosphere.

The game also sets its own playful accents: unlike in Diablo and Co, you can escape enemy attacks with a quick dodge roll or a jump. The traditional classes do not exist here either. Instead, the way you fight changes with your choice of armament and equipment.

Victor Vran in the test - floor exercises for action heroes

You can find detailed information in our test:

Victor Vran in the test – floor exercises for action heroes

In addition to the main game, the Overkill Edition includes the two DLCs Fractured Worlds and Mötorhead Through The Ages. The latter is a special treat. Here, Lemmy and Lloyd Kaufman will assist you as you awaken the mighty Snaggletooth with two new weapon types. To the Mötorhead soundtrack, of course.

From now on, all Plus members can use their Key until 11:59 p.m at the 30. September pick up and this up to and including October 03 for Victor Vran: Overkill Edition Redeem at Gamesplanet.


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