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Video comparison: Charles Martinet vs. new voices in Super Mario Bros Wonder

video comparison: charles martinet vs. new voices in super mario

After the Nintendo Direct of the game, now we bring more news related to Super Mario and the promising Super Mario Bros Wonder.

They are related to a video that compares the new voices of Super Mario, whose actor is unknown, with the classic ones by Charles Martinet. You already know that in this installment he does not give a voice to Mario and company.


Here it is:

As you know, after numerous rumors, it was officially confirmed that the plumber is back with this promising installment. The game will be released this October 20 and it is one of the most anticipated.


What do you think? We also remind you of his complete trailer for Mario Bros Wonder, of which we share 18 details that could have gone unnoticed.

What do you think of the news of Super Mario Bros Wonder? You can share it in the comments. Finally, if you are interested Super Mario Bros Wonder, this is all you need to know.


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