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32 year old streams diablo 4 on twitch for 13 hours: his

Twitch streamer Asmongold is open about struggling with his mental health and suffering from panic attacks. However, some viewers suspect a scam behind it to avoid streaming. The 32-year-old makes it clear that this is not the case.

What are these allegations? On the night of July 6, 2023 our time, a viewer on Asmongold’s subreddit pointed out that the Twitch streamer still owed the community a special stream.

It’s about the fundraising goals that Asmongold set for a series of charity streams in March 2022. For $200,000 in donations, the Twitch streamer wanted to continue the popular series The True Story of Asmongold, in which he reports on his first adventures in WoW.

In total, Asmongold raised $500,000 with its Orga OTK to support Ukraine. So far, fans have been waiting in vain for the video.

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Viewers scoff at mental health issues

What does this have to do with mental health issues? While the original post is all about some promised content not yet being delivered, the comments quickly go in a completely different direction.

Several supposed fans scoff that just mentioning the missing content could be too much for Asmongold:

  • “You just gave him another panic attack”
  • “Brother, don’t remind him that he has responsibilities. He will end up in the hospital with a heart attack.”
  • “Now coming another six-month hiatus from streaming, well done.”

Some even went so far as to suggest the streamer was faking panic attacks to avoid producing content (via Reddit).

What is behind the allegations? Asmongold has been relatively open about his mental health. In October 2021, he took a break from streaming after the death of his mother. In the following year he streamed more and more on his second account zackrawrr.

In June 2023, the 32-year-old returned to his main account just in time for the release of the much-anticipated Diablo 4. But after a 13-hour stream, Asmongold suffered a panic attack and even went to the emergency room.

“All Because of a Story”

What does Asmongold say about this? The Twitch streamer discovered the post and initially agreed with the author: “You’re right, I have to do that.” However, the mood changed when he discovered the comments.

Asmongold says it’s okay if people criticize him for not hosting the stream yet. However, he doesn’t agree with the comments that allude to his mental health:

I just want people to understand why I was having a panic attack. It was because I had just spent 13 hours playing a game. I thought I had a blood clot. I went to the emergency room and had an ultrasound done on my leg because I was really scared.


You can over this crap [das fehlende Video] talk as much as you want, that’s fine. But don’t say it’ll give me a panic attack. I just don’t want people to think I’m using mental or emotional issues to get around doing a stream.

The Twitch streamer explains it’s harder for him to film the Cataclysm expansion part because of the amount of redacting he has to do. He probably just had to put a black bar over the entire chat so that nobody could read what was there.

So Asmongold seems intent on delivering on its promise to fans. However, he did not give an expected date for the continuation of the series.

Other Reddit users are also shocked by the comments. In a thread in the streaming community r/LivestreamFail, some write that they initially understood the frustration from the fierce allegations to mean that the other side believed Asmongold simply did not donate the money from its donation streams.

The users cannot understand why they are so upset about the lack of a reward and write such comments: “All this just because of a story.”

It’s not the first time that some Asmongold fans have gotten carried away:

Twitch’s flagship nerd can’t have a girlfriend: “I want him to be miserable and lonely like me.”

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