Viewers Celebrate As This Gamer Quits His Twitch Stream – “Coolest Thing I’ve Seen In Months”

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The USATwitch streamer Rickyexp is causing a lot of excitement in the Twitch community. It is celebrated how creative and fun he ended his stream. You have to see that.

Who is the person you are talking about? Streamer Rickyexp had his first stream on Twitch a few hours ago. The person is known as the moderator and editor of the USAstreamer Ibai. Ibai regularly streams to hundreds of thousands of viewers (via and as a result its moderators and editors are somewhat well known and, as in the case of Rickyexp, have tens of thousands of followers on Twitter.

So many were already looking forward to the first stream of Rickyexp. And he then demonstrated his skills, which he had already demonstrated when editing videos, in his broadcast.

This clip from the end of the stream is going viral

This is how the ending went: At the end of his stream, Rickyexp thanks his viewers, grabs the camera and takes it in his hand. He then presses a button with a Minecraft icon on his Stream Deck.

On an empty wall in his streaming room, blocks of obsidian suddenly fall from the sky and build up into a nether portal. In Minecraft, these portals are used to travel between the overworld and the Nether. The portal builds up very loudly in the transmission (attention to all headphone users) and is then finally activated with the purple shimmer.

Rickyexp enters the portal and the loading screen that you would see in Minecraft at the same time appears. Suddenly, from a first-person perspective, you see the streamer walking through a Minecraft world and using his hand to place the toolbar for viewers to see. He then picks up a sword, looks to the side, and is taken down by a Creeper that explodes right next to him. A typical and frustrating cause of death in Minecraft.

Afterwards, “Endstream” lights up in large letters in the stream.

This is how the video arrives: Over 114,000 people watched the clip on Twitch within 16 hours. on Twitter Ricky also shared the clip, where it has already been viewed half a million times. Viewers celebrate the clip, and Rickyexp, for his creativity. He was “crazy” and would have shown the “most original” way to end his stream.

  • “Damn, the guy is on another level”
  • “The coolest thing I’ve seen on LSF in the last few months” [LSF steht als Abkürzung für Livestreamfails, dem Subreddit mit 1,4 Millionen Mitgliedern, auf dem der Clip geteilt wurde]
  • “This is how streaming should be. I think the medium’s potential is wasted because you see it as a live YouTube video player.”
    • “The clip is really cool, but I don’t think Twitch is the best platform for something like this. Most people wouldn’t want to watch for several hours. This type of content is much better off on YT or TikTok. For example, look at Zach King on TikTok, the guy is huge there.”
  • “A rare case where someone really cares about the quality of their streaming content”
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Others write that they now have high expectations for his future streams and, although they don’t speak Spanish, are excited to see what else Rickyexp will come up with for his streams.

The Twitch Awards were only recently presented and honored the best streamers in different categories. However, not all winners were live at the event. The “Best . Streamer” takes his award from his cluttered room and everyone loves it.


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