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Visuals of the second season of Spy X Family are uploaded to Twitter

visuals of the second season of spy x family are

The new season of Spy X Family will be broadcast in Japan in October this year.

Last year anime fans had a pleasant surprise with Spy X Familythe story that narrates the misadventures of a spy and a murderer trying to put on a facade like a normal familyand end up adopting to a girl wait (psychic).

The idea, although quite comical and absurd, has been brought to light and has won the hearts of many fans thanks to its excellent animation and acting, who are looking forward to more adventures of the family. Forger.


now recently in the official twitter account by Spy X Familyit has been shared what the visuals would be for the new season. They are pieces that perfectly convey what the Forger family represents. Beneath your typical family facade, YorOn the one hand, with her somewhat innocent look, but which we know well, she is the princess of thorns, on loid in what is apparently a front with his fedora, as if on a follow-up mission, and Anya… Being Anya.

On the other hand, we have one more poster kawaii to connect with the most tender and pure side of the family, where we can see Loid trying to teach Anya some lessons, then Anya sharing with Bond and finally, Yor about to serve a…”feast” to Anya.

Apart from the second season of the series, which will be broadcast in Japan starting in October, let’s remember that the official movie is also coming (and that it will be a completely original story not adapted from the manga) called Spy X Family: Code White in December.