Want to capture your glorious deeds in the Elden Ring? Now you can with this mod and its Photo Mode

The mod is fully functional and can be downloaded for free, but for a limited time.

If you’ve played any From Software game, you probably already know that feeling of personal achievement. Each battle is a very demanding challenge, so it is normal that many players want a photo mode to capture his most epic exploits in the Elden Ring. From Software hasn’t introduced this feature, but the modding community already allows us to make amazing captures in the Midlands.

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From wccftech they discover a really useful mod for all those players who are looking for a Photo Mode for Elden Ring. Its creator, the user Otis_Infwill let us download this utility from free way until the day March 10th on his Patreon page. After all, it is a tool. Very complete that enjoys the most important characteristics of any Photo Mode, as we detail below.

Elden Ring
Features of the mod

  • Camera control (also in scenes)
  • Field Vision Control
  • Unlimited free camera movement and rotation
  • pause control
  • Camera path support (“dolly cam”) to define moving camera paths for movies
  • Game speed control (slow motion, speed up)
  • frame jump
  • Toggle HUD
  • Pillarbox/Letterbox removal on custom aspect ratios
  • Vignette removal
  • Chromatic aberration (CA) removal
  • highest LODs
  • Settings to be invisible to enemies
  • Sunlight direction control (pseudo time of day)

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Elden Ring has only been around for a week, and we’ve already seen work from the community that enhance the gaming experience. In this sense, a modder responded to the plea of ​​many players with a mod to pause Elden Ring. But, if we talk about unofficial actions of From Software, it should be noted that there are already users who use eBay to sell thousands of Runes to other players.

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