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Wanted: Dead introduces us to his enemies and bosses in a new video

110 Industries has shared a new video of Wanted: Deadyour new action game for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC launching this February 14 and that it has been developed by the Japanese studio sunny.

The enemies and bosses of Wanted: Dead

Being more specific, This new trailer focuses on introducing us to the enemies and bosses that we will have to face throughout the adventure, which range from simple melee combatants to elite ninjas and rivals equipped with powerful exoskeletons and firearms. Among the bosses that will stand in our way we will have to deal with a kung-fu expert, a walking tank and a sniper with a concealment device, to name just a few examples.

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Of course, All this also means that we can see almost three minutes of sequences taken directly from its gameplay.which allows us to take a new look at both its mechanics and its graphic section.

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Shootings and sword attacks in Hong Kong

Wanted: Dead combine firefights with melee action and as confirmed by its developers, be a very difficult game and challenging that constantly seeks to test ourselves, although there will be a “Neko Mode” that should make things more accessible for those who are not too skilled in titles of this type or do not have enough patience.

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His story lead us to a dark and extremely dangerous version of Hong Kong. We will play Hannah Stone, the leader of an elite body known as the Zombie Unit that is in charge of fulfilling those missions that are beyond the possibilities of the police.