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Warframe falls off the podium on Steam with a wave of opinions that bring the MMO closer to Battlefield 2042

Warframe has become for many a bet essential within the free to play. The project that timidly started Digital Extremes ago almost a decade It has attracted locals and strangers, and has enjoyed a privileged place on Steam as one of those immovable MMOs. Now, the community has gone to “war” against the studio with a wave of negative reviews.

The MMO has spent years without detaching from 80% ratings. In some moments, it has reached close to 90%, and although it has not achieved this, it is not synonymous with a bad game. However, recent reviews of the game on Steam have dropped that positive rating below 28%, with a 82% negative opinions against him. In fact, such is the recent disaster that, currently – and assessing the opinions of the last month – the game is in a worse place than Battlefield 2042, with a 52% positive reviews.

The reason is clear and has a name: veilbreaker. This update came to the game on September 7th with a new story, missions and a good list of nerfs. This has been the straw that has filled a glass to overflowing after months and months of nerfs almost constant. For those of you who don’t know, the nerfs are changes that reduce the power of a character, ability or object in order to balance the game in any state of the game.

The nerfs very rarely welcome, almost exclusively when they have to do with a “rotísima” character or weapon. The situation, in this case, is that a large part of these changes have “attacked” melee hits, not counting most weapons. A serious problem if we take into account that, as many players point out, their builds of characters they have stayed useless before some changes that they had not asked for.

The case of the melee attacks is particularly curious. The Digital Extremes studio seems to have nerfed quite a bit of these hits, but has also introduced character mods to increase that reduced damage. This translates into a grinding unnecessary that many players do not want to complete or do not seek to complete as it involves hours and hours of their time.

If we look at the reviews on Steam, there are some who comment in a very uncaring way that the game “should be called Nerframe“, in honor of these changes. Others, meanwhile, share that despite having put in hundreds of hours, if they had to recommend the game today, they wouldn’t.

The communities of this type of multiplayer are very unfriendly to changes, plus those that have not been requested out loud. The most recent situation we have seen with Path of Exile where the MMO has seen how its most veteran players have left the game before the constant changes from his studio, something that has also garnered bad reviews on Steam.


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