Warframe: MMO’s most anticipated feature finally arrives!

warframe: mmo's most anticipated feature finally arrives!

Tom Henry

Warframe: MMO’s most anticipated feature finally arrives!

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Warframe is one of the longest running MMOs out there. During their big physical event, TennoCon, the developers announce the arrival of the game’s most anticipated option.

Released on March 25, 2013 on Steam, Warframe has therefore celebrated its tenth candle. The Canadian MMO Digital Extreme can already be delighted, because it is gradually becoming a game as important as its colleague World of Warcraft in terms of its longevity and its large following. The game continues to receive updates and new expansions while remaining completely free-to-play, unheard of for a free game of its kind.

TennoCon’s Most Anticipated Announcement

For newbies, TennoCon is the most important physical event around Warframe. This show is held in Canada, the birthplace of the game, and it’s often packed with announcements about upcoming expansions, the next warframes to be released, but also features and possible redesigns of the game. Last year, a huge announcement was made around cross-play. Since the end of 2022, it is possible to meet in part with players playing on any platform. The game is available on Steam, Epic Games Store, Xbox Series, PS4, PS5, and even Switch. Enough to bring good people together in the games, but a problem remains for the players.

Some players discovered the software on PS4 and hoped with this announcement to be able to continue their adventures on PC in particular. The disappointment was great when they learned that there was no cross-save functionality at the same time as cross-play. The feature was then highly anticipated since Warframe, like any self-respecting MMO, is an extremely time-consuming game. It is therefore with great pride and great pleasure that Digital Extreme has announced that cross-save will soon be coming to the game. The wait should not be long since the update adding it is announced for this year .

Even more platforms for Warframe

But the cross save wasn’t the only great announcement of the event. So far, there was only one platform left that Warframe wasn’t available on, mobile. Although a companion application was already present on mobile, it will soon be possible to play the game even on your mobile device. This is another huge announcement from Digital Extreme during this TennoCon 2023. The game will therefore be available on all current platforms and Tenno all over the world will be able to connect and play even during rush hour on the subway.

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