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Wartales Review

Wartales brings us a medieval world where survival is simply not enough. You should also make sure that your group has food and money. Which leads you in many circumstances to be quite creative.

Wartales is such a creative and original game that we felt the need to develop a technology that would allow you to reuse your fallen allies as delicious morsels. This obviously with the aim of surviving when food is scarce.

After a battle, allies’ bodies do not disappear, but instead appear in loot as a food option. Although, the “loot all” option does not include them in inventory. You’ll have to drag them in manually, giving you plenty of time to decide whether to bury or eat them. I opted for the latter.


We can say that the basic sequence of Wartales is as follows: go to a nearby town, get some contracts, fight in turn-based battles, level up, equip the party, buy food, fish or hunt for food, create armor or catch a bear and train it to join the group of mercenaries, and progress in the area map quest. Then, return to the town to collect and repeat. Each of these steps has been greatly improved not only by reality, but also by the spirit of early access. In this spirit, any system like Wartales can be improved, which can lead to the creation of a very strong title.

One of the main strengths of Wartales is how each of its many systems, from party management to the economy, can be engrossing on its own. They have reduced the number of enemies in battles, but have made individual enemies tougher, so fights are shorter but more deadly.


A new feature is the option to play with a scale of enemies or lock the difficulty of a region. It’s similar to the part in Dark Souls where you find Havel the Rock at the bottom of the tower in the first area of ​​the game and he’s arguably way above your capabilities, but if you spend time learning a few tricks you can take him down early. . I love those things because they’re not only challenging, but they also bring a lot of seriousness to the world of RPGs. Naturally, I played region locked.


Camp management is also a pretty broad thing. My group ventured into an ancient tomb that had me use expensive torches to explore passageways and find runes to unlock a puzzle door. After fighting a few shamblers in the dark, I finally found a sarcophagus full of relics that needed to be appraised. The game allowed me to build a lectern at camp, designate one of my party to the profession of “scholar” and accumulate knowledge points over time. Over time.


The author highlights that the true magic of Wartales lies in its ability to create unique stories, something that can also be found in games like Rimworld and Dwarf Fortress. Wartales has the ability to create tales that hook you and make you interact with his fantasy world, even though there is no main plot to guide your progress in the game. The author believes that Wartales could benefit from a main quest line that gives the game more momentum and direction. However, the world-building itself is impressive, with several questlines offering insights into the society, politics, and economy of the world of Wartales. In general, the author concludes that Wartales is an excellent game for those who enjoy forging their own stories within it, although it can sometimes lack liveliness for those who prefer a more defined plot.

Graphically the game looks pretty good, but it’s not something amazing either, it’s something let’s say standard. At the level of sound effects it is a part that I simply loved, everything is very consistent according to the circumstances.



Wartales is quite an original game, I like what it brings to the table, I like its creativity that allows us to search for a huge number of possibilities. Part of its combat system is boring and its graphics are not surprising, but after this, it is a game that more than one will like.

This review was made thanks to a copy for PC provided by Shiro Games.


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