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Warzone 2.0 Player Favorite Game Mode Removed | we are xbox

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 Just got a big seasonal update just a couple of weeks ago, including new weapons, a map, and game modes, it seemed to bring enough content to keep fans happy. However, if this had been the case, you would not be reading this. And it is that Activision has removed a player-favorite game mode from Warzone 2.0a game mode that had recently arrived to introduce Ashika Island.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 Season 2 arrived in mid-February after a short delay, however, players expected this update to offer much more than last season. At the moment, Warzone 2.0 has a game mode equivalent to Resurge on Rebirth Island From the original Warzone, the wishes of being able to play this mode alone without relying on a team were very popular in the community.

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Warzone 2.0 Player Favorite Game Mode Removed

Warzone 2.0 Players’ Favorite Game Mode been removed from the game playlist

After a few days of having started season 2, Activision offered Resurgence in Solos so that more independent Warzone 2.0 players could enjoy the new Ashika map without inconvenience. Unfortunately, while this mode has been very well received, it doesn’t seem to have been enough for Activision to leave it as a permanent game mode in the game’s playlist. As a result of this change, users have complained through an extensive thread on reddit.

The excitement of the players did not take long to disappear after learning that Ashika Island Solo Revival had been removed. Many became aware of this after a reddit user brought up the issue, sparking a wave of criticism of Activision and RavenSoftware for pulling the game modes so hastily. The fans showed their disappointment and indignation in networksstating that the developers at RavenSoftware are out of touch with the community for again taking a «stupid decision«.