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Warzone 2 changes the original formula: everything you need to know before jumping into the battlefield after its launch

Call of Duty Warzone is about to change completely with the arrival of Warzone 2.0. It is time to leave your weapons in the gun rack and attend a theory class to learn about all the challenges you will face in the coming months.

The Call of Duty Next event, held on September 15, revealed the first official details of war zone 2 and all the changes it brings. They are enough to turn everything you know about Warzone upside down. Then I tell you in an orderly and brief way everything we know so far and you should know.

Warzone 2.0: Prepare Before You Jump Onto The Battlefield

war zone 2.0 changes the way you play Warzone. The first and most important change is the map. Welcome to Al-Mazrah! It is a setting far from what came in Verdansk and Caldera. We are now fighting in a region inspired by the Middle East, which is where the conflict of Modern Warfare II (campaign).

The map has many areas of interest. Below you can see a preview of many of them. A peculiarity of Al Mazrah is that it has much water, more than Warzone has ever had (not counting the sea). A river winds its way through the entire map. It is very difficult to play a complete game without passing near it.

Call of Duty: Next, all the news, videos and announcements: Modern Warfare II, Warzone 2.0, Cod Warzone Mobile and more

Having said that, we move on to the second change, the most drastic of all and which will force you to rethink all your game strategies. The circle system gets naughty for Warzone 2.0.

Circle System: The Great Storm

now appear multiple random circles on the map (1) that will be closed until they reach a minimum size (2) and finally they will move until they get along at a specific point (3) and close as we have known it up to now.

This system gives a lot of room for customization: the number of circles will determine the course of your game. Knowing how to read which circle to be in according to its position will (without a doubt) be decisive for your victory. Now you must not only choose the position within the circle, but the circle itself.

What will push the players to the center of the circles will be a storm with anomalies in weather patterns… hence it is divided into several safe zones.

Furthermore, the map war zone 2.0 It will have certain AI characters, a kind of mini-boss that protects a certain area where there is equipment or something else. Apparently so far, they are not very powerful characters, although he will force you to kill him if you want what he defends.

The AI ​​will not actively chase you or your squad, and you can choose to never interact with them. AI fighters have a variety of lethality levels and behaviors and are usually found in specific areas of the map. While they may defend their turf like a CDL pro, they won’t be looking for combat.

The good news is that will NOT chase you in case it detects you. It has an action zone and you will only attack yourself if you invade it and attack it. This is another interesting addition for future events and secrets. Their behavior is natural and they can kill you.

Enhanced Mobility: Aquatic Combat

The mobility of Modern Warfare II Y war zone 2.0 they are infinitely better than their predecessors. You can now lean into corners (better), dodging and climbing is much smoother and faster, you can grab ledges to hide and gank, and fight in water.

Call of Duty shows off an amazing multiplayer trailer for Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0: "The ultimate weapon is the team"

The water combat has been improved and includes physics for all weapons, including throwables. Weapon ballistics are affected by water and will take into account the caliber of the weapon. Throwing a throwable into the water has the same effect as in real life.

The Gulag: more players, more dynamic

The number of players during the games of war zone 2.0 has increased, this means that a more dynamic and faster Gulag is needed. This area is the third big change in the sequel:

  • It will be fought in pairs (duos)
  • You will have to pick up equipment (random) from the ground. You show up with nothing.
  • The official blog says:

Optionally, your Gulag combat can include finding an AI combatant known as The Jailer, eliminating him, and using his key as a means of escape. Don’t forget to loot as you go; you will take all the equipment with you if you win.

New Vehicle: road, air and water

  • New vehicles: Over a dozen unique vehicles are added that feature health (damage) and gas tanks. You have to worry about repairing and resupplying them. The wheels can be punctured.

The Store: a radical change

Warzone 2.0’s internal Store, the one you can find on the map as you play, has completely changed. Here you can buy and upgrade your equipment and weapons. This last sentence is important because you will be able to customize the weapon builds you created before entering the game.

  • Rescue a squadmate: You can buy the return of a teammate who has been eliminated, whether or not they have returned from the Gulag.
  • Equipment: You can buy basic equipment such as Gas Masks and Protection Plates, among others.
  • Buy preset weapons: no more buying the entire classes as such. You will now be able to purchase specific weapons that you configure before entering the match. Tactical and Lethal tools are very common ground loot. Perks will not be available in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 at launch.
  • limited equipment: There will be some items that will have limited stock during matches. Once all units are purchased, no player will have access to them.

These are all the changes of war zone 2.0 what we know so far! There is a lot to know, especially about the new looting system, gunplay and equipment during matches. You can be sure that there will be another guide focused on the gameplay.


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