Warzone 2 glitch turns 08/15-Knarre into the most powerful sniper with which you can knock out almost everything with one shot

Tom Henry

warzone 2 glitch turns 08/15 knarre into the most powerful sniper

Warzone 2 was released at the end of 2022, the predecessor will be shut down in September.

Anyone who is in the Battle Royale or Resurgence matches in Warzone 2 also handles a whole lot of different guns, which are sometimes more, sometimes less useful. There is currently an unusual tip for everyone who attaches particular importance to long-distance combat and sniper rifles.

Because a gun, which was previously traded under more distant ran, is becoming the most powerful weapon of the entire sniper class due to a current glitch.

What weapon is it? Around the SP-X 80. It has excellent mobility and ADS (“sights and grains”) values, but deals comparatively little damage.

However, that changed with Season 4. Because since then it has been possible to turn the SP-X 80 into a one-shot weapon with a little trick. The gun kills opponents with one shot. Such a conversion has been possible since Season 3, but only for other sniper rifles.

This is how the SP-X 80 becomes a one-shot weapon

You only have to use the weapon with the .300 incidental rounds, i.e. fire ammunition, to achieve the desired effect. Normally, this mod shouldn’t be enough to kill enemies with one hit. Charlieintel suspects that the damage values ​​are incorrect and higher than they should be – which makes the SP-X 80 extremely powerful with the mentioned adjustment.

Here you can see the modified weapon in action:

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Important: The one-shot effect only occurs at a distance of up to 50 meters, which does not make the weapon predestined for all modes and maps, but rather for the smaller maps such as Ashika Island or Vondel, which was added in Season 4.

As with all glitches, the development team can of course react quickly and remove the error from the game in a timely manner. So if you want to try out the super-powerful SP-X 80, you should hurry.

Warzone 2 is currently in its fourth season, as is Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. In addition to Vondel, the current season has numerous other innovations in store, including around 7 multiplayer maps, 2 new weapons and a new operator.

Incidentally, Warzone 2 will be the only way to play CoD Battle Royale in the future. Because the servers for the predecessor Warzone: Caldera will be shut down in September 2023.

What are your favorite weapons to play in Warzone 2?

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