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Watch out for these PC video game releases: this week, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor doesn’t come alone

A new week looms over us, and this time we have to welcome a good number of great games that are released on PC. From triples to the sea of ​​​​hypeados to returns to life of authentic cult jewels, the video game releases of this last week of April come in style.


Shadows of Doubt

  • Genders): immersive sim, sandbox,
  • Launch: April 24
  • Available in:Steam

One of the most interesting immersive sims I’ve seen in recent years is finally coming to Steam, albeit in Early Access. become a private detective and accept cases to earn your bread. Take advantage of everything around you to gather evidence and catch all the criminals.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox

Image De The Last Case Of Benedict Fox
  • Genders): action, metroidvania
  • Launch: April 27
  • Available in: Steam and Game Pass

This Lovecraftian metroidvania has me impatient since the day I tried it. The Last Case of Benedict Fox will take you to investigate the events in a mysterious mansion where there are Hidden powers that are not visible to the naked eye. Solve a gruesome murder with the help of a dark spirit and survive this nightmare.


Live To Live Image
  • Genders): Turn-based RPG
  • Launch: April 27
  • Available in:Steam

One of the most important cult JRPGs in history is finally coming to PC. After having stayed in the land of the rising sun for decades, the remake of LIVE TO LIVE adds a beautiful 2DHD section to modernize it just enough, although it maintains its iamazing story and unique personality. If you like the genre, it’s a must.


Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Image

This week’s crown jewel comes from the universe of George Lucas. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is the direct sequel to Fallen Order, not only in the plot, but also at the playable level. Of course, Cal Kestis’ new journey is ideal for fans of Star Wars and the most ambitious blockbusters.


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