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Grand Theft Auto

Watch out! The Internet is full of alleged images and videos of GTA 6

We warn that the content that has been leaked on the Internet could be considered spoilers.

Grand Theft Auto VI

Surely Rockstar will not be very happy with what has happened during the early morning today. The big R is characterized by keeping everything under one extreme confidentiality thanks to the contracts it signs with its workers. It does it precisely to avoid this kind of thing, but GTA 6 has suffered a massive leak of gameplays where there are dozens of clips showing the game in motion.

A GTA Forums user has uploaded dozens of GTA 6 gameplays that belong to an early version of the gameThese videos come from from GTAForums where a user named “teapotuberhacker” has made a post that reads as follows: “Hello, here’s 90 images/clips of GTA 6. I may be able to leak more data soonGTA 5 and 6 source code and assets, GTA 6 construction tests”. The text accompanies him with a 3.2 GB file next to his Telegram where he himself says that you can ask him any question.

Image from Grand Theft Auto VI

From Esports Extras we clarify that we are not going to show anything of the alleged leaks, but we warn that Twitter is full of videos of GTA 6. Apparently the clips that have been shown belong to a pre-alpha of the game where even in many videos you can see even the source code environment and character interactions.

have been shown many ways, the dialogues with the NPC’s, the robberies to small stores, the interface of the weapons, the interaction of the vehicles to the accidents, the interior of some places and many more aspects. Whatever it is, it is a leak that must be taken with caution, nothing is official and everything that comes out is subject to change.

Other rumors about GTA 6

It was a couple of months ago when popular Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier showed various details of what GTA 6 was going to be. The most striking thing is that it would have a Latin woman as a co-star. It is true that his development has been slow, but Rockstar had good reason to take things slow. The developers wanted to make a much more Esports Extrasntic delivery, but different information suggests that they have cut content.


It is already known that Take-Two’s ambition is to make a game that is a reference in the industry. The work environment of the big R has been one of the most criticized aspects in recent years. Schreier noted that there have been many changes since then. Now, according to insider Tez2, Rockstar’s intention would be to release expansions as the game hits the market once it’s released.


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