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Wave of layoffs at Team 17, creators of Worms, according to sources

2023 is being a ominous year in the technology sector in which we are seeing large waves of layoffs for various reasons ranging from the current crisis to a realignment of staff after the many hires in technology and digital services that occurred during the pandemic.

These layoffs are not alien to the world of video games and, according to Eurogamer, the latest studio to be affected is Team17the British developer and distributor known for creating the Worms saga which, in recent years, has expanded more into the business of distributing video games than developing them.

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According to Eurogamer, during the afternoon of yesterday several employees were informed of the layoffsimmediately losing access to internal systems and suddenly finding that they had lost their job, although at the moment the number of personnel that has been affected by this new wave of layoffs in the sector is not known.


Team17 admits a template restructuring

These dismissals appear to be due precisely to the fact that Team17 will no longer be interested in developing new video games mainly affecting the development team, while its own licenses such as Worms will be developed by external studies.

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In fact Team17 has shared a statement with Eurogamer itself in which it admits a restructuring “To better meet the needs of our partners and the growth of our intellectual property. This could result in a small number of redundancies but nonetheless, we have a number of positions available across the group and we will encourage any partner who wishes to be a candidate for these posts.

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Furthermore, this movement takes place after last 2022 several Team17 employees came to the fore to complain about salarythe working conditions and the management problems of the company that at that time promised a series of positive changes that, it seems, have finally turned into restructuring and layoffs.