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Wavetale Analysis – Xbox Series X | we are xbox


Wavetale Analysis – Xbox Series X | we are xbox

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Wavetale Analysis

Sigrid, our adventurous protagonist, lives on the island of a lighthouse with her grandmother. Her grandfather is dead and her mother disappeared several years ago. Sigrid is in charge of helping her grandmother in some tasks such as giving energy to the lighthouse by collecting «sparks«a kind of jellyfish that float in the air around the islands, these same sparks being one of the main elements of the game, since they later serve to provide energy to machinery and solve puzzles.

After a brief introduction of the main characters, followed by a short tutorial that teaches us the basic mechanics of the game, the stage is washed away by a Esports Extrasntic wave. A mass of darkness and gloom that devastated the entire colorful area in which we live. At that moment, Sigrid is thrown off the lighthouse island, landing on a small section of land, thankfully.

Wavetale Analysis - Xbox Series X 50

However, our protagonist was already outside her home, alone and without knowing how to return. It is at that moment that she meets «The shadow«, a creature that helps her stay on top of the water, giving her unparalleled mobility on top of it that helps her return to her island and navigate the seas.

Arriving at the island of the lighthouse, Sigrid realizes that her home has been affected, and that her grandmother is not there, but there are some dark and aggressive monsters (very similar to the “Heartless” from Kingdom Hearts if I may ask). they ask) so Sagrid takes his butterfly net and uses it to defend himself and attack against these enemy shadows. This is how he discovers that one of them was her grandmother, managing to separate a layer of darkness from her. After this, his grandmother decides to take a trip to recover the island from damage, and accompanied by Sigrid they discover that the rest of the area was just as affected as his home, this being the beginning of our adventure.

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Wavetale Analysis - Xbox Series X 51

jump, glide and hit

The game mechanics are quite basic if we don’t take into account the huge sections of water in this small open world in which, clearly, Sigrid’s mobility is one of the best features of the game. However, when we’re not surfing, we’ll be jumping on platforms, hitting bugs that are not difficult to fight, catching Sparks and activating levers.

As for navigation/surfing, it’s one of the best things Wavetale has to offer, as we’ve already mentioned. Here we can notice a fluidity of exceptional movements that we can combine with high jumps, to dive back into the water with much more momentum, take a floating lane, slide around a bit and get more speed. We are not talking about a game of our favorite blue hedgehog, but we do Wavetale knows how to give a good sensation of speed and movement.

Wavetale Analysis - Xbox Series X 52

Unfortunately, beyond this we don’t have much. We can customize Sigrid, giving her our unique touch, buying accessories such as hats, full body suits, shirts and little else. We can achieve all this by exchanging a kind of yellow sparks with an old acquaintance of the grandmother that we will find as soon as we start the game.

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Sound and visual section

Although the story is not what stands out the most, the small details that it reveals and the twists of the main plot can easily hook the player, and make him enjoy this little adventure. Secondly, the artistic style that combines cel-shading with a more cartoon aesthetic that gives a unique touch to the game scenewhich can make anyone fall in love with the naked eye.

Wavetale Analysis - Xbox Series X 53

In addition to surfing, the sound section is one of Wavetale’s greatest successes, since it manages to combine the island/sailor scene with the feeling of an adventure of discovery. Putting together the soundtrack and the spectacular sensation of movement that the game gives, it is really an experience that anyone should try.

One of the features that I appreciated the most when playing was that Wavetale has a complete dubbing into Spanish, so I could turn off the subtitles and focus visually on the game. This made me very happy because other much larger developers no longer bring a dubbing into USAas often, and prefer to provide an alternative such as subtitles. We must not omit the great work they did with this section, since playing it in English or USAis equally enjoyable.

Wavetale Analysis - Xbox Series X 54

Some things to highlight

The attention to detail of small things in Wavetale is great, the player’s manual is very well done, looking a bit like what Tunic presented this year. This highly detailed player’s manual will be uploaded with information as you progress through the title. Here you will find descriptions and illustrations of the characters we meet in the adventure, as well as interesting data that will appear after collecting some collectibles. And like any game manual, we can also see Sigrid’s abilities along with the command and conditions with which they can be executed.

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Apparently, the technical section is quite deficient. We played the version optimized for Xbox Series X|S and it wasn’t hard to notice the constant frame drops when we were on an island, moving the camera or fighting. However, it must be said that the fluidity when surfing is exceptional, so it feels relaxing and satisfying to navigate on the large body of water that Wavetale presents.

Wavetale Analysis - Xbox Series X 55


Wavetale is a first-class short work, which feels somewhat limited by its few hours of gameplay and minimal gameplay, which in a way leaves us wishing we could play and experience much more within this universe. The frenzy of free movement, the wide range of ways to move and the freedom that is felt is undeniable. Nevertheless, after a few hours everything the game has to offer is already seen. From the beginning we have all the movements and abilities available, leaving nothing to go to expand the gameplay.


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