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We already know when Honkai: Star Rail comes out, it will come to PlayStation

Hoyoverse, the Chinese studio responsible for the mega-successful Genshin Impact, is preparing the launch of several games. One of them is a turn-based combat RPG and ‘spin-off’ of Honkai Impact 3rd called Honkai: Star Railnot only do we know when it comes out, but along with the release date they also confirmed that it will come to PlayStation platforms.

The plot of this title asks us to face an Aeon that seeks the destruction of civilization. This being implants the protagonist with a “seed of ruin” called Stellaron, but he manages to escape and boards an interstellar train that will allow him to travel the universe and find how to stop the villain.


We must form a team of up to four characters. Some of the protagonists are completely new characters and others are versions of old acquaintances from Honkai Impact 3rd. If you are interested, You can now pre-register in the game.

When does it come out Honkai: Star Rail?

According to Hoyoverse, the release date of Honkai: Star Rail be on Tuesday, April 25, 2023 at 9:00 pm (Colombia, Peru and Ecuador time).

Hoyoverse finally revealed when Honkai: Star Rail is coming out, along with the release date confirmed that it will come to PlayStation consoles.

At that time the game will be available and we can download it completely free for iOS and Android mobile phones and for PC through the Epic Games Store.

whatHonkai: Star Rail Will it come out for PlayStation?

Yeah. Hoyoverse confirmed that Honkai: Star Rail Coming to PlayStation platforms laterbut did not reveal the date or clarify if it will be available in versions for PS4, PS5 or both.

Source: Hoyoverse official statement