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We already know when the raid will arrive in Destiny 2: Eclipse

Lately, Bungie has been unleashing all sorts of details about Destiny 2’s next big expansion: Eclipse. Just yesterday they were talking about the planned changes to character progression, and now another round of information has arrived with the weekly blog post This Week at Bungie, which has turned out to be another huge article packed with all sorts of information and details.


Here you will find updates on Air Efficiency, matchmaking, Year 3 Catalysts, Exotic Glaives, weapon and armor balance changes, what the future holds for game balance, and much more. This blog pretty much touches on everything in one way or another. But what it also does is reveal exactly when one of Destiny 2’s biggest events will take place: the release date of the new Raid.

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The Eclipse raid will arrive on March 10, 2023 (the second Friday after the release of Eclipse, for those of you who are wondering), and it will open from 6:00 p.m. There is no information about the setting or the location in which it will be based, although a safe bet would be the planet Neptune and the city of Neonuma.

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So make sure to mark it on your calendars if you want to hunt down the elusive first world title with your raid team.

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Finally, some good news: starting with the next weekly reset (January 24), Blue Engrams will no longer appear in the Soft Cap, which means you won’t have to lug around the horrible gear that fills up your Courier and Inventory. Take now!

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