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We ask you: How many games do you have in your Steam library?

Steam offers a huge platform for gambling or purchasing countless games. From AAA titles to quirky indie games can be purchased. We would therefore like to ask you how many games you have in your collection in total.

If you’re playing on PC these days, it’s almost impossible to get past Steam. There are countless titles on Valve’s gaming platform, and new ones are added every day for you to add to your library.

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And Valve is happy to help you with that. There are always huge sales where games are sometimes sold for just a few cents. Numerous games are also directly free and can be easily downloaded.

So if you’ve been playing on Steam for years, you’ll probably have amassed a sizable collection thanks to recurring sales. Or maybe not?


We at MeinMMO would therefore like to know: What kind of Steam gamer are you? Do you have huge collections because you buy something at every sale or are 1-2 games enough for you?

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This survey counts all the titles you own. So it doesn’t matter which game the game comes from or which sale you bought it from.


You can vote here: You can make your choice in the survey tool below this paragraph. You only have one vote that you can cast. So choose your answer carefully, because your choice cannot be undone:

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Feel free to discuss your collection with other users. Which games do you mainly collect, which hobby do they come from and where do you get all your games from? Join the discussions and let us know what you think in the comments.

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