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We asked the AI: What’s the best MMO you can play right now?


We asked the AI: What’s the best MMO you can play right now?

The AI ​​”ChatGPT” is currently on everyone’s lips. Artificial intelligence answers the burning questions of mankind. Our author Schuhmann took the opportunity to ask the AI ​​about the best MMO you can play right now. But the answer is disappointing.

What does the AI ​​say is the best MMO you can play right now?

This was the answer that the AI ​​”ChatGPT” gave me:

It all depends on personal preference and playstyle of the individual. There are many MMOs that cater to different types of players. Some of the currently most popular MMOs are:

  • World of Warcraft: This game has a long history and a very large player base. It offers a wide range of content including quests, raids, dungeons and PvP battles.
  • Final Fantasy XIV: This game has a strong story and a large world to explore. It also offers a variety of activities like quests, dungeons, raids and more.
  • Elder Scrolls Online: This game features a huge open world to explore. It also has a strong storyline and variety of activities like quests, dungeons, raids and more.
  • Guild Wars 2: This game features an open world and an active community. It also has a strong storyline and variety of activities like quests, dungeons, raids and more.

There are many other great MMOs to try depending on what type of player you are and what type of content you are looking for.

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The AI’s responses are as of 2021, so it’s clear that .s like New World or Lost Ark cannot be recommended.

Here is gameplay from the 5 best MMOs coming in 2023

What’s the name of MMO” in 2023 – the big problem

What’s the problem with the answer? The answer shows a problem: The term “MMO” is difficult and controversial in practice. The AI ​​uses the term “MMO” synonymously with “.”, although . is actually just a sub-category of MMOs.

The fact that the term MMO is so difficult is due to WoW, which marked a turning point in the genre in 2005:

  • Up until 2005, people in MMOs mostly played in the same instance, in a shared world, so they could run to a dragon in an area with 400 people and kill it.
  • Instances came into play with WoW: only a maximum of 40 people in a large group could run to the dragon.

In the classic definition, MMOs are still games like before 2005, in which thousands of players play on the same server. However, such games have turned out to be a huge problem, because so many players in one place put a heavy load on the servers, cause major balancing problems and cannot be transported to the consoles.

Therefore, these games are practically extinct, but there are exceptions:

The AI ​​recommends as the best MMO. Play WOW.

How does the AI ​​understand the term MMO? The AI ​​uses “MMO” synonymously with “.” and lists 4 of the currently most popular .s as an answer.

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The AI ​​thus reflects a general, prevailing view of MMOs: For many players today, the term MMO has shrunk to ..

You associate it with character development, a persistent world, and things like raids, dungeons, and quests. But actually all these things belong more to the “RPG” aspect of an . and not to the MMO aspect.

There can also be shooter, action or strategy games as an MMO, it doesn’t always have to be a role-playing game (RPG).

The 15 currently best MMOs and .s 2023

MMO isn’t called the same today as it was in 2005

That’s the difficulty with the term MMO”: You can understand MMO in two ways:

  • As it used to be before 2005, as a “massive world with thousands of players”, including only a few games like EVE Online or Planetside
  • Or you can see MMO as an extended term, simply as a description of the way you can play a game alone or with several people. In the sense of “single player – multiplayer – MMO”. MMO then means “I can connect with an extremely large number of players, even if we don’t play on the same server, but in different instances”.
The term was originally used MMO” used only as a promotional label by Ultima boss Richard Garriott to promote Ultima Online from smaller games” (via twitter).

If you take the term “MMO” so broadly, you can include almost all popular games-as-a-service games such as Fortnite, Destiny 2 or even Hearthstone and FIFA, although that is a sacrilege for purists.

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But if you understand the term narrowly, MMOs have not existed for many years. The Wikipedia entry on “MMO shooters” ends in 2016 with unsuccessful attempts to develop “huge shooters” such as Dust 514 or Firefall.

The later loot shooters with MMO aspects such as Destiny, The Division or Anthem are not listed as MMO shooters on Wikipedia. The most popular game in recent years, Fortnite, certainly not at all. Since ChatGPT apparently uses such rather conservative sources, the AI ​​points these conservative to the term.

What’s the other problem with the answer? With all love, all 4 .s that ChatGPT describes sound almost identical: Yes, all games have quests, raids and dungeons – and a “strong story” and “big world”.

When it comes to really existential questions like the best MMO, even the mighty AI ChatGPT seems to have reached its limits.

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