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We attended the Rewind Hispano 2022 Viewing Gala – Xbox

And since five years is a special number in any event, DHC Films, Alec’s production company, has decided to put together a special Viewing Gala for the occasion. An appointment where the community, streamers and the press have met to enjoy Rewind Hispano 2022 on the cinema screen, with an authentic cinematographic experience at the Callao Cinemas in Madrid. All thanks to Mahou, sponsor of the eventwhich continues to demonstrate with this type of event its commitment to the creation of content and, above all, the Gaming world.


A commitment that they managed to take a step further with the organization of this event, in an idyllic setting for the occasion and with a unique atmosphere. One more digital meeting of the renowned beer brand that this time transcended digital media and allowed us to enjoy a show like few others and reaffirming its position within the sector with actions like the one that concerns us today. And of course, Xbox was there to tell you everything that happened.

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This was the Rewind Hispano 2022 Viewing Gala

The event was held in the well-known Callao Cinemas, in the heart of the capital, in a crowded square. On the one hand, passers-by who take advantage of the festive festivities to visit Madrid and its streets adorned with lights, make the latest purchases for New Year’s Eve and enjoy the city’s Christmas atmosphere. On the other, the large number of fans who had come to the surroundings of the cinema to be able to see their idols up close. Especially since an event of these characteristics always allows you to see people like Mister Jagger, Spursito, Gerard Romero and other celebrities from the world of streaming and the creation of content on social networks. In this way, on the red carpet installed at the door of the cinemas, a PhotoCall was set up through which all the illustrious guests of the Presentation Gala paraded, including Alec Hernandez who, without a doubt and with the permission of the three mentioned above, He was the one who took the camera flashes the most. Not surprisingly, he was the star of the party.

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Inside the cinemas we find an idyllic setting. We were greeted at the entrance by a small exhibition with some of the props and elements that have been used for the different scenes this year. The Minecraft sword or the San character that shares the scene with AuronPlay presided over both showcases. In addition, we could also observe relevant elements from past editions, such as the Málaga shirt or the Infinity Gauntlet. Undoubtedly, an authentic Rewind Museum with some of the most emblematic elements of the editions launched over the years.

Once we went to the movie theaters, we found a pleasant surprise from Mahou, sponsor of the event and of Rewind itself: a small bowl of popcorn to enjoy viewing. If when we told you that we were able to live the complete cinematographic experience, it is for a reason. Thus, once settled in our seats and enduring the craving that everyone gets when they have a bowl of popcorn in a movie theater (yes, we talk about devouring it during the trailers) we had to wait longer than necessary to start the gala itself. After an hour and a half of waiting, Alec Hernández and his closest team, made up of his brother and his partner with whom it all started, began the Viewing Gala. A presentation in which they remembered the entire production team, who had not slept for several days, told us the anecdote that some scenes were finished editing days before publication and, above all, they thanked everyone for their support. and all the fans around the world.

Behind this, we were able to see the Rewind Hispano 2022 in all its splendor on a movie screen, a unique experience that gave it the cinematographic touch it deserved. In addition, after viewing, they had a surprise prepared for us: a new video with false takes of the different recordings and scenes that make up this year’s video. Fun, iconic moments and comedic scenes that led to laughter throughout the stalls, comments and murmurs about what we saw. Finally, Alec Hernández took the stage again to announce that since last December 30, we could see the making off of the Rewind on YouTube and that at the end of it they revealed if there would be a 2023 edition or not. For now, we will let it remain a mystery, but everything indicates that next year we will be able to enjoy this very special compilation again. We leave you with the Rewind Hispano 2022, so you can enjoy it from your home:


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