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“We Call It The Keep W Subclass”: Destiny 2 Details Arc 3.0, Which Will Revolutionize Your Characters Within Days

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As previously announced, Bungie this week announced a generous list of changes Destiny 2 Guardians will receive as part of the arc update 3.0, which will arrive on August 23 along with the next season of content. In a similar way to what happened a few months ago with the rest of the elemental subclasses based on light, the MMO will reorganize the abilities and power-ups related to this type of energy, promising substantial improvements in its combat effectiveness and also -what is even more important- – on the variety of builds that can be created from it.


“Imagine the Metroid speed boost, but Samus is wearing the Gjallarhorn”

Its makers define arch 3.0 as the subclass of “keep the W [en el teclado]”: a non-stop moving forward while the enemies are undone around us. “Everything revolves around the idea of move forward and enable aggression” says the designer Sam Dunn through the official blog of the American studio. The end result of his experiments, he says, is to have found the fantasy of living on the edge; of running straight into danger and fighting him face to face. Regardless of your favorite character class, all arc guardians are built from the themselves buffs Y debuffs.

  • The amplification It happens when we quickly defeat enemies with arc damage, and it makes us faster when it comes to running or changing weapons. Depending on the skins equipped, it has more uses.
  • Some skills have a chance to blind enemies, stunning them momentarily; either electrocute them to spread arc damage to other opponents around them.

If you’re interested in learning about the changes specific to your class, you can preview them in an official entry on the Bungie website; but in broad strokes you will be interested to know that the hunters get a new super ability (as well as the teleport they had in D1) and will fight as “agile warrior-monks”. Sorcerers, meanwhile, are “lightning shamans” who channel electricity through their bodies. Of the titan it is said, verbatim, that “you don’t move it […] but he moves you” and that “his real goal is to punch you in the face […] So we did our best to make close-range combat easier.”