We can now stop taking photos in Elden Ring, nothing will be able to improve this beautiful tribute to Don Quixote

Tom Henry

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I have a text pending about how absolutely beautiful Elden Ring is despite being a game that at times wants to squander horribleness (yes, that exists, I’ve looked for it), and I think this quixotic image is the living proof of it.

Become viral during the last hours after being shared on Reddit under the masterful title “Those two giants are impossible to kill. Any advice?“It never ceases to amaze me that Software have not considered at some point the photo mode.

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Although thanks to additions such as the photo mode mod we can take advantage of this type of improvement -there is another one to be able to pause the game, in case someone wants to finish the badge-, it would not have been bad to be able to enjoy it with total freedom .

The online chant is easily removable because there are those of us who play offline and stopping the action didn’t make Sekiro a worse game, but in any case I’m almost thankful not to be able to enjoy it, otherwise Elden Ring It would be a deeper hole.

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