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We Chatted With Translation Professionals About Being Invisible In Persona 3, 4 And Other Games – Xbox

The arrival of Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden on Xbox and, more specifically, on Xbox Game Pass was an occasion to celebrate for more than one reason; In principle, due to the inclusion from day 1 of the saga to the Microsoft subscription service and for what the arrival of these games represents on the platform.

One of the main attractions of these new editions of Persona is that, for example, Persona 4 Golden could be enjoyed for the first time in four new languages; Spanish, Italian, German and French. If you’ve ever played any of these titles, or any RPG for that matter, you’re aware of the sheer number of lines of text that the genre possesses, which means that behind every language there is a group of people who make the most of it. task of localizing that narrative content in different languages. This includes adapting idioms so that the text sounds natural, making the same jokes that were funny in the source language funny in the target language, rhyming totally different words so that a poem or song doesn’t lose its meaning, and countless other things. more things.


Locators, those essential people that nobody congratulates after a game

That group of people, call them localizers, translators or whatever you prefer, are the key to the success of the game in different cultures and contribute many hours of their lives to make it happen, usually dealing with very demanding delivery times and, in many cases, with a total absence of context, since there are very few opportunities in which these professionals access images of the game itself, much less demos and so on.

And maybe when you read this you think: “well, but it’s their job”, and I confirm that it is, and that if you ask them they would tell you that despite the many drawbacks, they love what they do, because they are people who they are fascinated by the world of videogames and that they feel a real passion for what they do, but this is no reason not to give them credit, in my opinion, quite the contrary. And just as it happens and has happened many times before, in Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden, this is exactly what happened, the entire brutal localization team from both titles conspicuous by its absence in the end credits.

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