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We could see an evolution of the stealing mechanic in Starfield | we are xbox

There is a lot of anticipation for Starfield, the next big game from Bethesda. After the purchase of Microsoft and the amount of investment that comes with it, this game is expected to meet the high demands placed by gamers. The game is expected to be available this year, although there is no date, just a trailer from last year.


There is a detail in this trailer, infused and even hidden in combat, barely noticeable. It’s only a second in a video longer than 15 minutes that only a user with a privileged view could have noticed. As proceeds after finding these details, the user shared his finding on Reddit.

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The stealing mechanic in Starfield promises to give combat versatility

Treating the stealing mechanics in Starfield well would be a grateful gesture from Bethesda

After a shooting, it is expected that the corpses contain different objects, ready to be claimed by us. From the moment the player arrives in the area until the combat ends, one is perplexed by what they are seeing. Before the enemy dies, when he was very close to the player, the option to enter his inventory was available.


To get the items from the enemies, it is enough to kill them, so this option of pickpocketing should not be limited to just stealing. Here we enter speculative territory, a fascinating activity after a detail hidden in a trailer with several months available on the networks. Perhaps stealing your weapon or a grenade you save for the last minute during visceral combat can be a nice mechanic on its own, but the user’s imagination doesn’t stop there.

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If the option to pickpocket while the target is still alive involves going into their inventory, we might take (or attempt to take) vital items like oxygen supplies or take possession of their weapons. We could also put our items in your inventory, perhaps some harmful element or a grenade about to explode, the latter is undoubtedly the most striking.


Many of us have a good time thanks to the stealing mechanics of the Bethesda games, both in The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. The mechanics of stealing in Starfield can be revolutionary, and with this Bethesda’s star mechanic would be revamped for fast-paced scenes during combat and stealth. If you want Starfield to be an ambitious and groundbreaking game, this would be a good way to start showing it.


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