We narrate the incredible chapter 1085 of the manga

we narrate the incredible chapter 1085 of the manga

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We narrate the incredible chapter 1085 of the manga

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One Piece returns for another week after a more than deserved rest and with some spoilers that we really wanted to read in order to continue advancing little by little in all the mysteries of the work, especially those related to the World Government and he Empty Century. We remember that this saga is the final saga and the biggest mysteries of the work are being solved, a situation that causes Eiichiro Oda to give his all week by week.

One Piece: Filtered the incredible chapter 1085 of the manga

Here we have the summary of all the leaks of chapter 1085 of the manga, which has meant a before and after on social networks and on different community portals due to its important and revealing information. A streak that we have been enjoying for many months with the start of this final saga. Without further ado, we begin this list of wonderful spoilers. Very important, it is under your responsibility if you decide to read this content.

One Piece Manga Chapter 1085 its titled “The death of Nefertari Cobra“. Pretty revealing at this point. The chapter begins where 1084 ended. Im was talking to Cobra and he comments “Mu will address two topics and will ask you a question that you must answer, Cobra“. Im refers to his person in the third person when communicating. Cobra is very surprised at this fact.

Cobra comments: “Im? I know that name. It could be a coincidence, but there was a person with that name among the top 20 founders…” But Im quickly interrupts him: “Silence! That question is classified as an impertinence, so it will not be answered. However, your other questions will be taken care of.“.

Im continues with some very revealing information for the plot: “The D. are the last name of our old enemy. It is true that lately it is more recognized, but it is a very weak echo of what it was. The bearers of it do not know the true meaning of this surname and what it implies. This irritation only endures due to Queen Lily’s mistake 800 years ago.“. Here it is revealed to us that the D. fought whoever Im and opposed the World Government, a fact that many people suspected, but which is confirmed for the first time in the play.

The real intention behind the Road Poneglyph?

Im continues commenting on another very important fact: “If it hadn’t been for Queen Lily, the pirates wouldn’t want to know more about the Poneglyphs in order to search for the blissful treasures… Those relics wouldn’t be scattered in the world now. Which leads to the question, was it a mistake or was it the beginning of a premeditated plan?“. Afterwards, all the members of the Gorosei they draw a series of pistols.

After all this, Im comments the following and asks the expected question: “The truth lies in the writing that Lily left… so tell us, was it a deliberate choice to refer to her as Lily of the Nefertari house? Tell us her full name. The name with which the letter was signed“. Cobra knows that he has no escape, but asks anyway “If I reveal the truth to you, will you let me go?The Gorosei replies:Your fate was decided the instant you saw Im sama“. Cobra says:The letter was signed by Nefertari D. Lily“. And at that moment, Im shoots a black arrow that goes through Cobra’s body. There is a person witnessing this, he is Sabo.

The appearance of Sabo that could change the foundations of the world of One Piece

Sabo bursts into the room and performs a powerful fire attack, Im exclaims “Where does this come from?“. Sabo comments: “So hell was nothing more and nothing less than on top of the world“. Cobra talks directly to Sabo and asks for one last favor: “You are from the revolutionary army, right? Tell Luffy that Vivi and I both have the last name D. in our names.“. Sabo is very surprised, but he doesn’t have time to be surprised, since all the members of the Gorosei transform into mysterious creatures of which we can only see a large, black silhouette. Apparently, they represent large animals.

Sabo tries to rescue Cobrabut the latter tells him that he cannot allow them both to die and that it is better that he not worry about him and escape, since The world has the great mission of ending the World Government. In that instant, you can see a memory where Ace gives Sabo the nickname D. as well, turning his name into “Sa D.Bo“. But there’s no time for more memories, since Im attacks again with one of his black arrows and hits Cobra and Sabo again. Cobra comments with his last strength “The Poneglyphs… Raise the flag that begins the dawn of the new world. I’m counting on you Sabo“.

The valuable escape of Wapol and Vivi from the castle of Pangea

Next, the Gorosei realizes that someone is eavesdropping, though they don’t know who it is. The following message is given on the Levely: “King Wapol and Princess Vivi will not be attending the Levely’s meeting, so it can proceed without them.“. In the next panel, we can see Nefertari Vivi, who has been captured by the members of the Cipher Pol. is being held with kalifa and Jabra. Vivi exclaims “What’s going on? Why am I held back? Whose order was it? I will let everyone know about this“. Jabra comments: “Don’t worry, you look too upset. You have to know how to use your cards better, after all you are a fighter“.

In that tense moment, Kalifa says: “I’m afraid no one is going to help you princess. Once the whole world knows of your disappearance, you will be nothing more than a pet.“. At that moment, we can see that in the next panel there are almost all the members of the Cipher Pol. Vivi asks where she is. Shirahoshi and they tell her about the events in the courtyard and that she is well. We are also told that the facts of Fujitora helped certain people to escape, which provokes the anger of Green Bull.

At that moment and in a moment of great fortune, Wapol, who was running in the middle of a panic attack, bursts into Vivi’s room, since she was eating the walls of all the rooms in her escape and the princess of Alabasta he comments: “Wapol, where are you going?” This responds: “To the ends of the world, where no one can reach me“. Vivi nods and says: “Take me with you“. In this way, both begin their escape and ends chapter 1085 of the manga.

This chapter has been awesome and it has fallen like rain on the whole community, since it brings us closer to the secrets of the World Government, the Void Century, plus the identity and past of Im and the Goroseiamong many other things like the meaning of the surname D. and the mission and history of its bearers. Remember that there is no rest next week and we will also have another new chapter.

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