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We played the greatest striker in FIFA 22 – These are our amazing results

FIFA 22 is slowly coming to an end and most of them are playing with crazy teams in Ultimate Team. A good opportunity to experiment – this time we tried the biggest forward in the game.

Summer in Ultimate Team is always a strange time. Events like the futties or the freshly started pre-season ensure that all players finally have really good teams. But then you quickly realize that if all footballers on the field have almost perfect values, they hardly differ from each other.

That’s why we started experimenting a bit in FUT. Recently we tried out the slowest forward in FIFA and already had a lot of fun with the map. This time we take a closer look at the greatest striker.

Who is the greatest striker in FIFA 22? This is Fejsal Mulic, a Serbian forward currently at South Korean club Seongnam FC.

FIFA 22 Mulic
Mulic looks very different on his map than in game

Mulic measures an impressive 2.03 meters. He is only surpassed by Tomás Holy (2.06 m), tied with Mulic are only Andries Noppert (2.03 m) and Aaron Chapman (2.03 m). The three are all goalkeepers though – Mulic is the tallest outfield player in FIFA 22.

Mulic scores goals – but not in the way you think

That was the plan: With such a tower of players, the goal was clear from the start: get in front and stick your head out in order to overcome the measly central defenders and goalkeepers with a powerful header without batting an eyelid.

Dribbling, passing, flanking – the Insignes and Riberys were allowed to do that. Their values ​​also fit much better than those on Mulic’s bronze card.

With his 75 pace, the Serbian attacker is noticeably more agile than Madrigal from our last experiment, but his 56 dribble and 63 shot do not speak for a foot-oriented but rather a head-oriented scorer.

Or so I thought.

How to play Fejsal Mulic: Mulic got the spot at the front of my team, surrounded by agile and ball-safe dribblers who should feed him with crosses. But it quickly turned out that the headball plan didn’t work in Division Rivals.

I fired cross after cross into the penalty area, but the ball didn’t really want to land on the forehead of the striker. And if, exceptionally, he did, he flew everywhere – but not in the direction of the goal.

FIFA 22 Mulic
Even if you catch the ball with your head, goalkeepers don’t have to worry too much

Instead, my opponent’s central defenders kept intercepting balls as if they didn’t give a damn that Mulic was a good half a head taller than them. They hopped in the air, put their heads down and clarified the situation.

But that doesn’t mean Mulic was a total failure. Quite the contrary, surprisingly he should even score 4 goals in the first game – just none with his head, although I did everything I could to achieve it. Instead, he coldly sunk two penalties, a low shot into the corner and, cheekily, a rather complicated-looking volley. That worked a lot of better than expected.

I took the last one personally though. The goal was clear, the ball placed at the perfect height – but instead of using his head, Mulic nailed the ball into the top corner with a full instep. Nice goal, but I actually wanted an uglier one.

FIFA 22 Mulic
The giant gave cause for celebration even without header goals

So I had now established that the huge striker was not a header monster, but still not without danger. Now the thought was: In Rivals there are already very strong cards in central defense, I’ll try it with weaker opponents and the AI ​​in Squad Battles.

I’ll make it short: There shouldn’t be a headed goal here either. Not after a corner, not after a free kick and nothing out of the game. With his 2.03 meters, the striker always stood out on the field and towered over his opponents by more than a head – but that just didn’t make him any more dangerous in a header.

So far, after several games, I still haven’t managed to get Mulic to head the goal – but that may also be my fault.

But it seems to me that height in FIFA 22 is generally not the decisive factor when playing a header. Too often, my attacker was regularly bailed out by smaller but perhaps better positioned or higher-jumping centre-backs.

Nonetheless, this card was again a lot of fun. Because like with the slowest striker, I had to play more creatively than usual to put Mulic in good positions.

It’s not necessarily efficient, and it doesn’t really help get you closer to a win, but it’s good practice for learning new offensive tricks. And that Mulic would at least finish really well with his foot – I really didn’t expect that.

Have you tried some “crazier” players in FIFA? Do you have a favorite player that you can recommend? Tell us in the comments!

Otherwise, FIFA 23 is getting closer and closer. You can find out everything you need to know about the FIFA 23 release here.

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