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We Were Here Forever – Review, the enigmatic ‘forever’

The guys from Total Mayhem are back in style, who after several months after the release of the successful PC version, present in the console version the last one chapter of the series created by them, We Were Here Forever, which we analyze in the review. We are well aware that given the reference genre, this type of title is much more suitable for machines that use the mouse and keyboard, so playing it on consoles requires more than painstaking adaptation. So let’s go find out how they handled it!


Cooperative to the nth degree

The We Were Here series made its debut in 2019. From its inception to today, the developers of Total Mayhem have shown that they have excellent development skills, but also complex and creative minds. During these years of history, the various chapters have gradually affected us, with a crescendo of increasingly difficult scenarios and puzzles to face.

The latter We Were Here Forever however, is a bit what one defines the “icing on the cake”. Within this fourth installment of the series, we find challenges, puzzles and scenarios of the highest level, capable of holding the attention of the players in an impeccable and never banal way, giving a longevity of other times to the entire adventure.

As we have mentioned previously, the developers have poured out all their creativity, setting up a wonderful cooperative game system (if you find a worthy mate). The players will find themselves within the same “complex”, but separated in various ways from each other (each time with a different excuse). Each segment of the scenario contains a part of the solution to the puzzle, so both players will have to do their part, making the most of the walkie talkies, to find the final solution and pass the level.

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It goes without saying that the experience as it was conceived, is really pleasantand there probably are very few non-action titles that require this level of cooperation and communication, so much so that although you will not always find the right companion. Remember that in any case, closing the game and trying again will never be a problem.

Puzzle everywhere

As we anticipated in the previous paragraph, We Were Here Forever was designed and created with the aim of take players by the “brain”adding the cooperative note as the predominant second part.

Unfortunately, this last part is not always easy to digest, but once you get the hang of it it will be really difficult not to call a friend and organize entire game sessions with him. The communication part is also fascinating, given that by fully resuming the walkie talkie mechanics, players will be able to talk one at a time, taking turns.

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We Were Here Forever

The latter are activated by the players with the pressure of the button (push-to-talk) and the inconvenience of using this feature makes it even more realistic, given that sometimes it will happen that you have to repeat it all over again. The idea, however, is always fun, because it will be necessary to find a certain harmony also in speaking and sharing, or describing one’s screen.

The beauty of the title, however, is more evident from the incredible variety of puzzles that have been included in We Were Here Forever, with a pleasant level of difficultynever extremely difficult (albeit in some cases angular) And never banal. If you have or will find a faithful playmate, some scenes or levels will remain forever in your heart and probably – if you already know the series – you will consider this chapter to be the most beautiful of all.


Of course it’s not perfect, with the story not particularly developed, and it sometimes happens that you have to review (because I lost the challenge) the same introductory movie several times. It’s quite unnerving. We are sure that at the narrative level, the developers wanted to give a fair but limited importance, but also and above all focusing on the rest. When you find yourself laughing like a fool, at descriptions of objects or screens, you will understand why this is the most beautiful title produced by the guys of Total Mayhem.

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We Were Here Forever


We Were Here Forever is the chapter that struck us most of all. Getting lost with your teammate in such enigmatic and profound labyrinths and situations was truly a wonderful surprise. Without going into details for spoiler reasons, know that the attention paid to the experience and levels by the development team was great, up to expectations (and beyond). The title will accompany you for more than 15 hoursbetween challenges, wonderful levels and many of those head scratchers that will leave a furrow in your hair.


The real negative note is the plot, which never manages to get too much hold on the players, accompanying them as it should in the various game sessions, finally managing to place themselves on a much lower level than the attention that the various game levels require .


  • We Were Here Forever (Tested on PS4)

    8.5Final vote


    The boys of Total Mayhem have packaged a high-thickness title, where one’s ability to solve puzzles or problems does not count exclusively, but one must also know how to be able to coordinate with one’s teammate. We Were Here Forever is perhaps the best title in the series, and is therefore a must have for all lovers of the genre. The story struggles to explain the sails, but it is certainly a negligible flaw.

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