“We worked on Titanfall 3 for 10 months”, Respawn canceled it because it was good, but not revolutionary | Top News

“we worked on titanfall 3 for 10 months”, respawn canceled

Tom Henry

“We worked on Titanfall 3 for 10 months”, Respawn canceled it because it was good, but not revolutionary | Top News

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Little by little, we are discovering more and more about what Titanfall 3 could have been. The sequel to the cult shooter that gave way to Apex Legends is one of those games that unfortunately we won’t get to see but knowing its history is more than interesting. Today, new statements from the Respawn team let us take a look at what happened behind the curtain

“We worked on Titanfall 3 for 10 months. We had the technology for it and a lot of missions going. I’m going to be clear, it was much better, but it wasn’t revolutionary,” he says. Mohammad Alaviformer Respawn employee and Call of Duty designer in an interview by The BURNETTWORK.

“So, PUBG went on salesays Alavi. After a break, it became clear that there was more interest in making a battle royale based on Titanfall than in continuing with the development of the third installment of the saga, so they decided to change direction radically. “We can make this game and it will be Titanfall 2 a little betteror we can do this other thing that is clearly incredible,” he says.

According to Alavi, although he misses working on Titanfall, this was the right decision, an opinion that is seen endorsed by the success of the game since its release. Apex Legends has become one of the most successful free-to-play multiplayer video games of the moment.

As a last detail, it should be noted that this was not a decision of Electronic Arts, but of Respawn. According to the designer, EA did not know who were working on Apex up to 6 months after this management change, at which point the studio decided show a prototype to the heads of the editor.

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