We’re still without GTA 6, but GTA Online already has the best heist of all: being a taxi driver and charging a fortune for trips

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There was a suspicion, indications that GTA Online was preparing a taxi-focused update and Rockstar has given us a joy. GTA V multiplayer receives one of its most desired expansions that allows us to forget for a while that GTA 6 is still quite far away.

The destinations to which we will have to take our clients with the vehicles of Downtown Cab Co. will be far away. We can get the Vapid taxi directly at Warstock Cache & Carry, although if we complete 10 jobs as a taxi driver in our Pegasus, we will have a special price to acquire it.

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In any case, if we want to start this work, just tWe have to go to the crown located in front of the Downtown Cab Co depot., at the corner of Tangerine Street and Mirror Park Boulevard, in East Vinewood. If you’ve gotten enough out of Arena War to reach sponsorship level 25, you can now pick up a special red version of the Vapid taxi.

The laziest of gta online on PS5 and Xbox Series they are in luck, because we can now call the taxi service from iFruit to request one. We just have to tell you the destination and skip the ride quickly. Of course, GTA+ subscribers have the advantage that they will only have to wait five minutes to make consecutive trips.

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Everything that Rockstar offers us for the next few days does not end here, as the official notes reveal. The MTL Brickade 6×6 from Los Santos Drug Wars is already available and allows us to have a highly functional mobile laboratory. On the occasion of Lunar New Year in Chinawe will receive a free traditional painted rabbit mask and a free rabbit tattoo, as well as a GTA$ 188,888 bonus for playing.

Special merchandise sales bring 50% more GTA$ and RP, while if we are a Prime Gaming subscriber and link our Social Club account, we will be rewarded. Doing so before January 25th will net you a festive Sprunk Snowflake Sweater, GTA$125,000, and the Sunset Painted Rabbit mask for playing anytime.

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