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West Hunt Review

West Hunt is an exciting game that combines the famous game of Cat and Mouse with social deduction and quick style games. It is definitely a perfect game for those players who enjoy games that challenge their logic and deduction ability.

The game is divided into two types of missions: primary and secondary. Primary quests increase the notoriety of the Outlaw, providing valuable information for the Sheriff, helping him determine who the Outlaw might be. On the other hand, side missions are useful for those players who want to stay under the radar, as they help reduce their notoriety.

In West Hunt, players must choose whether they want to play as the Outlaw or the Sheriff. The Outlaw’s goal is to escape the city, while the Sheriff must catch him before he escapes. Players must work as a team and use their deduction skills and strategy to reach their goal.


In addition to the exciting missions in the game, West Hunt offers a wide range of weapons and tools for players to use during their adventure. Players can customize their characters and choose from a variety of weapons and tools, including guns, knives, bombs, and much more.

In short, West Hunt is an exciting and fun game that combines strategy and social deduction with rapid-fire style gameplay. With a wide variety of weapons and tools, exciting missions, and customization options, this game is perfect for any player looking for an exciting challenge and a unique gaming experience.

Mixing social deduction with fast-paced action, West Hunt is an entertaining game created by Snail Games, a publisher and developer known for its game Ark: Survival Evolved, in collaboration with Wandering Wizard and NewGen. This game, available on Steam for PC, is perfect for those who enjoy using logic and deduction.


The game consists of two types of missions: the main ones, which increase the Outlaw’s notoriety, and the secondary ones, which help to reduce the notoriety if you want to keep a low profile. Some of these missions include feeding the horse, poisoning the water supply, stealing luggage or carts, bribing the bartender, and praying for forgiveness. Each mission lasts about 10 seconds and it is important to manage the tasks. Although it may seem a bit overwhelming at first, after a few games, you’ll find your own flow.

The game has a fair balance between the Sheriff and the Outlaw which makes it fun regardless of the role assigned. As the Sheriff, your goal is to observe the behavior of the villagers to narrow down who might be the Outlaw. One of the things that helps balance the two roles is the mailboxes, where the Sheriff receives tips about the Outlaw’s actions.

However, there are two things that reduce the excitement of the game. First of all, the walking pace is very slow, which makes the experience less immersive. Also, the controls to move your character are a bit frustrating to handle.


While the mechanics can be a bit hit and miss, overall West Hunt is addictive. Especially since he has random items that keep players on their toes. Different outlaw skins, quests, and even mailboxes will be placed in different areas.

But the best thing about this game is that it is a lot of fun with friends. Including the ability to talk shit while facing each other. But no matter who you play with, this game is fun for hours.

In conclusion


West Hunt is quite an entertaining game, the controls aren’t the friendliest and its development is somewhat slow, which may take away from the immersion, but it’s definitely a very good option to play with friends.

This review was made thanks to a steam copy provided by Wandering Wizard.

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