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What are the best mouse to play VALORANT?

Today, VALORANT It’s one of the shooter most famous first-person shooters in the world. It is free-to-play and, as many of you know, it is the first shooter from RiotGames. It came into our lives in 2019 through a beta and it was in June 2020 when it was officially launched. Combining weapons with skills, we find ourselves before a title that has become the life of many players.

To play VALORANT we need to have a keyboard and a mouse. However, not all of them work the same. The most important is that mouse, since it will be the peripheral with which we will shoot and we will have peripheral vision. For this reason, we are going to show you some of the best mice on the market that, according to professionals, are perfect for playing shooter from RiotGames.

logitech valorant mouse
Image source: Logitech

It is one of the best mice on the market today. Many are those who come to compare it with the Razer line. It is a light mouse, not very rough, without cables and with RGB lighting. Despite having been recommended by many professionals, it should be noted that sometimes it suffers from a problem with its left button and sometimes it does not register after a few seconds.

In the shop of Versus Gamers we can find it for a price of €99.99.

It is a slightly modified version of the Razer Chroma. As you can see in the image, under the mouse wheel we find two buttons that allow us to select the DPIs that we want to play. It also has good ergonomics that fits in the palm of the users hand.


It also has buttons on the sides that, as explained by Razer, support up to 70,000 clicks. A good choice whose price is a bit high, specifically €149.90. However, if we have money to spare, it will be one of the best mice we have in our setup.

Razer Viper Mini Gaming Mouse
Image Source: Razer

Another Razer mouse whose quality prevails over the rest. Its desEsports Extrasis ambidextrous, so it does not matter if you are left or right handed to use it. Its optical switch, as revealed, has a capacity of 50 million clicks. In this way Razer ensures that its use is prolonged. Its size is not as big as other Razer Viper.

Its price, as we can see in the Versus Gamers store, is €49.90.

benq valorant
Image Source: BenQ

We are facing a mouse chosen by professionals like NEO. It has an optical sensor that can be adjusted up to 3,200 DPI. Its desEsports Extrasis ergonomic enough that it will fit perfectly in the palm of the player’s hand. Not only that, but it will also allow a good amount of movement to the wrist.

We will not need anything for this mouse, any kind of driver. We will simply connect it and it will be ready for use. Its price is €67.90, so we will have a good mouse for a good price.

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