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What are the improvements of Final Fantasy Esports Extras Remaster on consoles?

The remastered collection or Esports Extras Remaster of the first six final fantasy You can already find it on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 (hence PS5 too) with improvements. These games in their version Esports Extras Remaster They came out first on PC (Steam) and mobile, but it wasn’t until December that it was made official its so requested jump to consoles.

Final Fantasy Esports Extras Remaster features enhancements formerly known as redraw Esports Extras art and orchestrated soundtrack. FF6 it even has some scenes –like the opera– with a 3D aspect although without reaching the level of HD-2D. In the case of the editions for Switch and PS4, Square Enix highlights the benefits that as players we can find in these modernized deliveries.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster improvements
On consoles, it receives a new font compared to that of the PC and mobile versions.

What improvements does it have Final Fantasy Esports Extras Remaster on Switch and PS4

  • soundtrack change: although the series Esports Extras Remaster offers a superb soundtrack with orchestral arrangements from final fantasy 1 to final fantasy 6, many want to hear the original songs too. That’s why they can switch between both styles to enjoy the renewed graphics. If you want more musical options, do not hesitate to purchase Theatrhythm Final Bar Line.
  • font change: The font issue has been a constant dilemma ever since the final fantasy classics resurfaced. In Esports Extras Remaster Now you can switch between two font styles, the native one from the remaster and a new one based on pixels that recreates the style of the original games. This, however, is still not the truth, which luckily with a easy process we can still use on steambut not on consoles.
  • Disable random encounters: When you just want to explore in peace and the enemies won’t let you breathe, the six games of Final Fantasy Esports Extras Remaster they allow you to disable them entirely. Now, no monster or human will dare to touch you, but that means if you don’t gain battle experience… you know, all the villains will win.
  • adjust experience: Or maybe we’re wrong, because if you want to speed up the time spent on training, you can adjust the experience gained up to x 4 and watch your characters fly through mountains of defeated enemies.

All these improvements Final Fantasy Esports Extras Remaster They are completely optional and would be what they call quality of life for workers without time to “grind”. Some new players may wish to use them and they are within their rights. The important thing is to learn to appreciate the classics final fantasy.

Source: Square Enix