What can the final trailer of the Super Mario Bros. Movie teach?

This afternoon Nintendo has set a date and time for the final trailer of its long-awaited film production Super Mario Bros. The Movie. The announcement has been made public on its official profiles as an informative Nintendo Direct, but warning that there will be no news about video games from the king of platforms. The premiere, in preview of the last trailer of the co-production with Universal and Illumination before the theatrical release, will be on March 9 at 11:00 p.m., peninsular time.

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It should be remembered that fans have already scrutinized multiple trailers for the film, getting a good idea of ​​the story and its characters. Advances loaded with nostalgia that took them to the Mushroom Kingdom in a format never seen before, that of an animated feature film.

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From what is read in the statement, only the final trailer will be revealed, nothing about the next video games that Nintendo has been developing. However, in recent days there have been rumors of a Nintendo Switch pack with Super Mario Odyssey winking at the movie, and even some DLC content for the game that has already sold more than 25 million units.

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It seems that the Big N wants to dedicate this entire month to one of its most famous series and above all to one of its most iconic characters. With news of Pokemon and Zelda just around the corner, the speed of today’s announcement is striking, an advance of more than two weeks for what “is only” a trailer, the umpteenth to date. Do you expect any surprise?

The Super Mario Bros. Movie