What changes could there be in GTA Online after the launch of GTA 6?

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what changes could there be in gta online after the

During the last days the expectation about the next Grand Theft Auto (which we will continue to call GTA 6 until we find out his official name) has increased more than noticeably because next December we will be able to see its first trailer.

After the announcement of its imminent trailer, many players have begun to ask questions about what Rockstar will offer us with this new delivery, when will it go on sale or What will happen to the characters and the players’ progress? GTA Onlinethe multiplayer aspect of the sandbox that has been one of the pillars of GTA V’s success.

In this news precisely Let’s focus on what could happen with GTA Online with the arrival of the next GTAalthough keep in mind that there is no official information about it and that during the next lines They are all leaks, rumors or questions that can be quite logical taking into account Rockstar’s movements.

Your GTA Online progress will not be saved in GTA 6

Let’s start with the latest rumor about it and one of the most important since it is related to the progress of our characters in GTA Onlinea title that has been with us for 10 years and in which many players have invested hours and hours that have allowed them to make great progress with their characters.

Unfortunately, according to Rockstar Universe, a medium well known for its good information about Rockstar games, GTA Online progress will not be able to be exported to GTA 6 multiplayer and the arrival of this video game will mean a new beginning for all players who want to get into it.

A new map… and GTA Online 2.0?

According to rumors, the next GTA will have place in a fictional version of Miami, that is, we will visit Vice City and its surroundings again, which they promise to be on this occasion. much larger than what we have seen in other games in the series And, in addition, we will also be able to access the interior of many more buildings.

With this, It is practically certain that GTA Online will change locations to Vice City (There are also rumors about the arrival of Liberty City although they do not seem to have much credibility) although heWhat we don’t know is how this change will be adopted Although, in principle, there are two possibilities that stand out from the rest and that we are going to tell you about now.

The first option is that Rockstar publish a new installment of GTA Online that is included for free along with GTA 6 just like they did with GTA V. This is maybe the option that might seem most logical if we take into account the rumors that suggest that progress cannot be transferred from the current GTA Online to the future. In addition, this would allow current multiplayer players to continue enjoying Los Santos and, when they want, Vice City completely independently.

The Second option is for GTA Online to be completely updated to GTA Online 2.0 (or whatever name you want to give it) of a similar to what has happened with CS:GO and Counter Strike 2 recently or with Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0. That is, GTA Online would evolve into a version and the original would be lost forever, although This route seems more unlikely to us since it would leave many questions like what would happen to current GTA Online players if they didn’t buy the new GTA.

A role mode integrated into the new GTA Online?

Another interesting point is not a rumor but rather what could be a consequence due to a Rockstar acquisition since, as many of you already know, Last August the American studio bought Cfx.re, the creators of the FiveM and RedM tools to create custom servers in GTA V and RDR 2.

Thanks to this acquisition, Rockstar may bet on a better integrated server creation tool within the next GTA Online and even can integrate a role mode for the game, something that will undoubtedly be very well received by the gaming community.

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