What is CloudFlare and why you couldn’t play League of Legends or listen to Spotify normally this morning

Tom Henry

The internet connections they are volatile. Keep in mind that we are all connected to a central network that varies depending on the region, country and continent, but whose nodes end in the same termination. To manage all this amalgamation of networks, cables and others, we find companies like cloudflareand when this fails, we speak of a Domino effect stepped drop.

Starting today morning, around 08:34 hours (USApeninsular time), the Internet provider Cloudflare has interrupted the Internet access in various regions, preventing access to different services and games. But what has happened so that we can not play games, talk on Discord or even listen to music on Spotify for hours? As reported by the company’s official Twitter account, the company has suffered a critical incident in its infrastructure causing the well-known “500 Internal Server Error“, that is, that something has gone wrong on the server, but he himself cannot specify what the exact problem is.

This message appears in our browser, in the event that we make use of it, automatically and can be modified by the technical team. Yes, this message is not static and considering that the server cannot tell us what has happened, it is the task of the network service to update with messages such as “HTTP 500 Internal error” or “Temporary error (500)” until the problem is solved. issue.

The truth is that CloudFlare is a pillara nerve center modern connectivity at an international level that, when it fails, produces two errors in all the applications and network services associated with it. In fact, a video game company associated with this Californian company is RiotGameswho has seen how League of Legends or Valorant they succumbed in the face of constant connectivity problems.

If we take a look at Cloudflare Status, we can see how most servers have started running again after a sudden shutdown and most are operational. Even so, countries like France, the United Kingdom, Russia or Germany are being redirected to other servers while Cloudflare works to fix the bugs.

The American company has spent days facing the threat of certain DDoS attacks —a strategy by which a group of people or bots attack a server or computer from many computers at the same time with the ultimate goal of saturating it—. Everything seems to indicate that these attacks could be the cause of the fall in various gaming services since Cloudflare’s chief technology officer, John Graham-Cumming, has acknowledged in the Hacker News forum that the problem it is not worldwide“is with our backbone”.

Image: CloudFlare

It is not that the Internet is going down worldwide with nothing that can be done, but this domino effect is still being felt at noon today, June 21, with Twitter slowdowns, for instance. Other games like Apex Legends or Warzone have not been affected for these problems since they work under another domain and server management company.

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