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What is your first impression of Diablo 4? Tell us how you like it so far

what is your first impression of diablo 4? tell us

You probably already have a first opinion on Diablo 4.

Not all players have been allowed to go to Sanctuary yet, but if you have pre-ordered the Deluxe and Ultimate Edition, the gates of hell have been open to you since Friday night. So you’ve had time to beat up quite a few demons, ghosts, and monsters.

That’s why we want to know from you how you like Diablo 4 so far in the full version. You are welcome to elaborate further in the comments.


Very good, terrible or something in between? How are you enjoying Diablo 4 so far?

Of course, it would be a bit premature to ask for your final verdict on Diablo 4. After all, you can easily spend 150 hours to bring a character to the maximum level or to collect all trophies.

However, the campaEsports Extrasshould only take you 20 to 25 hours and since you’ve already had some time to progress through this, we now want to know what your first impressions are. With elements like the shared world or the scaling of the areas, some things were finally added that are also new for long-time Diablo fans. So tell us now:


But that is not all. In our other survey, we want to know from you which class you started with first. You are also welcome to vote here:

Blizzard has not only worked on some balancing issues for the Early Access release itself, but also since the game went online. While hotfixes were initially delivered after the start, which were intended to improve stability or provide bug fixes, today there was a new patch with which the balance was further adjusted in many points.

Blizzard states that they are generally very satisfied with the classes, but still want to iron out some imbalances with the patch. For example, with some builds or class synergies, it is possible to survive a tremendous amount of damage over a long period of time. Other abilities would not develop enough power next to it. That should change with the big update now.