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What MMORPGs and multiplayer games do you play to relax?

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What games do you feel comfortable playing and play to unwind after a long day? Tell us.

On the one hand, gaming as a hobby serves as entertainment for the fans. Many of us regularly enter the virtual worlds to adventure, to challenge ourselves in PvE, or to compete with others in PvP.

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But there are also .s and multiplayer games in which we neither want to save worlds nor make any great efforts. When you throw yourself on the couch or in the gaming chair after a long and tiring day at work, sometimes you just don’t feel like saving the world.

Instead, you’d rather just sit back and do some in-game activity that’s relaxing. Multiplayer games in particular offer various options:

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  • Easy leveling
  • do side quests
  • role playing game
  • Farming gear or materials
  • crafting
  • Housing design
  • Screenshots shooting in photo mode
  • Yes, even fishing

And each of us has our own game to which he or she withdraws to spend a relaxed and quiet evening, whether alone or with friends.

Some prefer slow-paced games, while for others even action-packed games can be relaxing because they know every nook and cranny of them.

We want to know from you which .s and multiplayer games you play when you want to relax. Write us in the comments which games they are and what makes them so relaxing? Is it the gameplay in general or specific activities?

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We’re exited about your answers!

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