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What to expect for the Xbox Games Showcase

what to expect for the xbox games showcase

Xbox will bring many surprises for the direct of this Sunday June 11.

We’re in the most anticipated month of the year for all gamersand it is that we will be seeing direct of many companies that bring news of their games at events such as the Summer Game Festand individual events such as the Xbox Games Showcase this 11th of June.

Xbox has a monumental task ahead of it, as it has a streak of disappointments since the generation of Xbox Oneand although everyone expected that the era of X-series was some kind of brand revival, they have not yet been able to meet the expectations they had imposed. With the ill-fated launch that Redfall suffered, Starfield is the only hope they can have of saving the year. before another year full of disappointments for Xbox is considered.


However, as we know, Xbox knows how to put on very good showsand for now his only opponent is the Playstation Showcase 2023that It did not leave the fans of the Sony console very satisfiedso on that side, Xbox could take the lead, although we know that in everything else it is far behind the Japanese giant.

Some comments have already been heard about what players can expect from the show, in Gamerant it is reported that the show will last approximately 60 to 90 minutesand that this does not include the Starfield show, so we can expect a lot to see.

Already from Xbox they also confirm that there will be no CGI trailers without gameplay for your first party gamessome assume that it is a decision made because the PlayStation showcase had an excess of theseand it is already rumored about the possible games that will appear.


Some claim that the new fablewhich is still in development Playground Games will make an appearance on the show, as it was said that the previous tweet referenced the gameand although it is true that the video does seem to wink at Fable due to its theme and music, Aaron Greenberg has confirmed that it should not be taken this way.

Other predictions say that we will surely see Avowed and The Outer Worlds 2 of obsidian, Hellblade 2 of Ninja Theory and Forza Motorsport of Turn 10of which at least we have confirmation from Forza Motorsport, which if he will be present at the show. For the rest, we will have to wait and see what Xbox Game Studios will bring up, and hopefully get some ground backor after such a bad streak.