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What to play on Xbox Game Pass? In this sensational adventure you will be able to clean the dirt on an alien planet

In the catalog of Xbox GamePass we can find video games of all kinds. Among the hundreds of titles available from time to time, it is worth giving a chance to some that may not be among the most outstanding in the library, but they are proposals that are worth giving them a chance, see the case of The Gunk.

The adventure from Image & Form Games, creators of the SteamWorld series, was added to the Microsoft service late last year and could be the perfect title if you’re thinking of playing something new this weekend or when you have some time. Especially since it is not something that is going to become your next well of hours or anything similar.

In this 3d platform adventure, with a touch of action, the leading role falls on a couple of space carriers who have ended up on an alien planet in search of valuable resources that will help them earn their daily bread. In our case we take control of Rani, who will be equipped with a very special glove.

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Thanks to this device you will be able to collect resources and especially gunk, a toxic parasite that is like a kind of dirt that is covering the entire planet with this substance, dirtying the landscapes and making them darker, gloomier and giving the impression that they have lived through times. top. However, our heroine will not sit idly by.

The Gunk 02

That is when we will dedicate ourselves to go through the scenarios absorbing the gunk so that they come back to life, which in turn will influence the appearance of new platforms, roads, etc., so the adventure also has its good touch of puzzles. In addition, behind all this there is a plot that is becoming more and more interesting and that will help to discover the secrets behind this toxicity and what or who has caused it.

Thus throughout the approximately ten hours that it can last, depending on what you like to explore and advance through the forests, caves, mountains and other areas. In short, The Gunk It is a game designed to relax and enjoy a space adventure that may not pose a great challenge, but it does entertain enough from start to finish and is suitable for all types of players.

  • Play The Gunk on the Microsoft Store for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC with Xbox Game Pass.


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