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What went wrong in Warzone 2.0’s DMZ mode according to Shroud?


What went wrong in Warzone 2.0’s DMZ mode according to Shroud?

As soon as it was announced Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2everyone was waiting for the arrival of a Warzone 2.0. Finally launched battle royale, although the leaks indicated that they would launch something else. A game mode similar to Escape from Tarkov but what would be disputed inside the Warzone 2.0 map. the name was DMZ for Warzone Prior to that it looked good.

Like in Escape from Tarkov, the idea is to enter the map, pick up the loot you find and put it in your inventory. However, when players tried it out they found that It has nothing to do with what was revealed at the beginning. A Mike Grzesiek spoke about this «Shroud» who we already know for not mincing words.

Shroud and his opinion on the DMZ of Warzone 2.0

We can safely say that Shroud has quite a few hours in Escape from Tarkov. For this reason and with a good background behind him in Warzone, Shroud decided to give his verdict on DMZ. «Which what they and many other games are trying to do is create an ecosystem within their own game where everything benefits from each other“, he claimed.

However, according to the content creator, it is that Call of Duty has always had a crossover progression system., something that ends up helping both the account and the character himself. «The problem is that Call of Duty continues with this system while trying to create a video game similar to Escape from Tarkov. As long as they continue this dynamic, DMZ is going to be a very bad game. Always“, he finished.

It seems that DMZ will receive updates soon. However, everything indicates that the current system will continue, so players will continue to be dissatisfied with what the company presents.

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