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What will the new console be like?

what will the new console be like?

There are many rumors around the next console of the Big N. Some point out that this nintendo switch 2 It would be announced at the end of this year 2023. However, there is nothing official yet and the only thing we can do is speculate on the date and analyze what this new console could be like. The launch of the switch original was March 3, 2017, so it’s been 6 years now. Usually, Nintendo It usually takes five years to release a new console. Therefore, it is expected that at least by the end of the year we will know something more.

When will the Nintendo Switch 2 arrive?

As mentioned above, there is nothing official. However, since it is already March 2023 and we don’t know anything, it is very likely that the announcement will be made at the end of this year if they intend to put it on the market in 2024. The Nintendo Switch came out in March, the Wii and Wii U in November , the Gamecube in September, the Nintendo 64 in June and the SNES and Super Nintendo in November. In short, while it is true that it is more likely that it will be released at the end of 2024 to take advantage of Christmas sales, it is not ruled out that it will be released in the middle of the year since so much time has passed.


In fact, it will most likely be mid-2024 as we have the nintendo switch six years, since it is necessary to renew it to focus on the development of video games for the next console. According to Jeff Grubb From Giant Bomb, this new console will probably be announced at the end of 2023 and believes that it will be an intermediate between Nintendo Switch Pro and Nintendo Switch 2:

“Maybe something in between that is definitely like a real upgrade in terms of hardware, but under the terms Nintendo positions it, it seems like it could cross the line a little bit and do like a Super Switch that would continue the generation. “In a more significant way than they have done since the Game Boy Color.”

What Grubb mentions is a bit reminiscent of the jump nintendo ds to the Nintendo 3DS. A console that jumps generations, but that maintains a large part of the essence of the previous one. Some users think it could be called Super Nintendo Switchin honor of the Super nintendo.

It should be added that the nintendo switch continues to lead sales despite the years. Consequently, there isn’t really much of a rush to make the leap to a new generation.


UPDATEIt should be added that Nintendo’s fiscal data for 2022 indicates a notable increase in spending on raw materials. This could be because they are investing in components for the next console.

What will the new console be like?

Nintendo Switch OLED

nintendo switch It has reached 122.55 million units sold worldwide, becoming the third best-selling console in history. In this way, the hybrid console has surpassed the Playstation 4 with 117 million already game boy with 118 million. It would still be below the nintendo ds with more than 154 million and the Playstation 2 with more than 155 million.

This console has managed to earn a big place in the hearts of Nintendo fans and that has been clearly reflected in sales. Consequently, it is very likely that the nintendo switch 2 It is also a hybrid because this idea of ​​using it as a desktop console and as a laptop has been very popular. Although some new concept is to be expected because, if it knows how to do something Nintendo, is to innovate in the way of playing.


On the other hand, some users point out that the next console will be a Nintendo Switch Pro and others a Nintendo Switch 2. The differences are that the first would be the same console but improved – similar to the PS4 Pro, for example -, while the The second would represent a real generation leap.

A Nintendo Switch Pro It would be beneficial to transfer the users that the console has garnered. Although by 2024 7 years will have passed and the players will need a nintendo switch 2 as a new generation console.

UPDATE: some leaks would suggest that, indeed, it is a nintendo switch 2. It is explained in greater detail later.


Activision could have already tested the new console and it would have a power similar to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

According to leaks published by The Verge following the Microsoft vs FTC case, The new console will have a power similar to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. And some Eurogamer sources reveal that Activision I would have ordered a prototype to test it before in December 2022 and they would have shown it at Gamescom 2023 behind closed doors with a technical demo of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Perhaps this may sound something much more strange. Some VGC sources claim that they would also have tried the famous demo of The Matrix Awakens made by Unreal Engine 5.

If all this still doesn’t matter to you, it is rumored that Exit Veil It is one of the video games whose launch is scheduled for the new console. At first, they planned to launch it in the current switch, but they have decided to suddenly remove it from the platform. For this reason they have raised certain suspicions.


Will the Nintendo Switch 2 have backward compatibility?

Between the consoles Nintendo that have had backward compatibility are the case of the Wii, Wii U, Nintendo DS and the 3DS. It is not ruled out that the nintendo switch 2 have backward compatibility. However, a report from ModernVintageGamer points out that it is not an easy task.

This analyst warns that if nintendo switch 2 integra moves away from the Tegra However, it does not rule out that this backward compatibility comes through emulation for it to work properly. Likewise, it is not ruled out that there is a negotiation between NVIDIA and Nintendo for proportionality compatibility with the Tegra chip. In conclusion, regardless of the hardware, backwards compatibility shouldn’t be a problem to be added in some way.

How do you think the situation will be? nintendo switch 2? When do you think it will arrive?