What would Pokemon Scarlet and Purple look like at 60 FPS?

Tom Henry

That Pokemon Scarlet and Purple has been a complete success is no stranger to anyone. Despite the mistakes and bugs players have encountered, has become one of the most famous titles in the history of Nintendo switches. This is reflected by those more than 10 million copies sold during its first week of existence.

Nonetheless, complaints are still present in social networks. Complaints related, above all, to title performance. And it is that in our times it is very difficult to find a video game with a very low graphic quality and that sometimes drop to 10 FPS. Ultimately, this can take any user out of the immersion in which we could find ourselves when we are inside the title.

For this reason, a user known as theboy181 has decided to work on a mod in which you can see how Pokemon Scarlet and Purple works at 60 FPS. If we look at the audiovisual fragment, we can see that it doesn’t even look like the same video game. And it is that the quality and fluidity with which the protagonist is controlled is unique.

The spectacular 60 FPS mod for Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

As you may think, this performance has not been achieved on a Nintendo Switch, but on a PC with the emulator ryujinx. Thanks to this tool, players can use a Nintendo Switch ROM on a computer. And so it’s adding up a lot of Twitter interactions, almost 120,000 ‘likes‘ Y approximately 20,000 retweets and quote tweet.

On Nintendo Switch it is impossible to reproduce this quality, especially since you cannot exceed 30 FPS due to the console itself. However, the drops to 10 FPS are more annoying than having a constant 30. We will see if Game Freak takes a look at this snippet that is going around the world and decides to take action on the matter.

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