What’s inside the Elden Ring Coliseums? A video reveals its interior and everything points to an upcoming DLC

Tom Henry

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These structures are inaccessible in the game, but a modder has already managed to “walk through their gates”.

Elden Ring has not only captured the specialized news of the medium, but has also attracted the gaze of a huge number of players. This proves it in Steam, where it has become the best-selling game of the week (again) and has achieved an all-time high in the number of simultaneous players. But, although the Middle Lands still hold many secrets for most users, some of them are already using mods to unravel the most great mysteries.

Although there are differences between coliseums, everything indicates that they will host epic battlesAnd if we say ‘great mysteries’ it is because of the nature of the latest discovery. The adventure devised by Miyazaki has 3 arenas scattered on your map that we cannot legally access. However, the Garden of Eyes channel has published a video in which, as you can see for yourself, he uses a mod to see what these huge structures hide.


And what is behind these doors? Well, although there are different characteristics between coliseums, the general idea is that they are spaces reserved for great battles. From Software has not commented on this leak, which could be a proposal discarded by the team or, as the theories point out, a future DLC which has not yet been announced. We will have to wait for the developers to shed some light on this mystery.

If we talk about mods, you are probably interested in the projects of some creators that already allow us to pause the game and even access a fairly complete Photo Mode. Be that as it may, Elden Ring gives us more and more reasons to not abandon our adventure through the Midlands, and we have not been able to give up command until we give you a complete analysis in which we qualify it as a masterpiece.

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