WhatsApp launches “Flows”, a function that allows us to reserve and get offers

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whatsapp launches "flows", a function that allows us to reserve

Despite being the most popular, WhatsApp lacks some functions that other apps have, but it is looking to carve out a niche and differentiate itself from the others. We recently saw how he added the channels section in the application and now it is coming “Flows“, one more section of WhatsApp that will allow us reserve quotes, to complete forms either sEsports Extrasup to events and promotions, intended especially for companies and customers.

WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging application in the world and has been there since practically its inception. Years after its launch, competitors appeared such as Telegram or Signal with additional features, but they have not been able to surpass it in popularity. The fact that WhatsApp doesn’t seem to be getting users is mainly because it already had a huge base of users shortly after launching in 2009.

WhatsApp Flows will allow us to book appointments and follow company promotions

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Just a few days ago, WhatsApp officially launched “Channels“, a section that you can see right now on your mobile, since it has already arrived in USA. Here we have a large number of profiles available that refer to football teams, YouTubers and celebrities or companies. These channels function as groups where brings people together and we can see all the news that they want to teach us, be they written, images either videos.

WhatsApp seems to have pressed the accelerator with this type of additions, since although we announced channels 5 days ago, now it turns out that a new function is arriving. Flows is considered a form of improve communication and business between companies and clients. This is because with Flows, customers will be able to reserve quotes, Start session on the account of a certain service, complete forms and send them or even sEsports Extrasup for events and promotions. All of these are additions that we will have implemented in WhatsApp, so there will be no need to go to the official website, since it is all in the same application.

It will even be possible to buy and rate products from WhatsApp

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On the part of entrepreneurs, Flows will be very useful, since they will be able to create events and promote your services from WhatsApp. The company-customer interaction will be improved by having a much more direct interaction without complications. In addition to making interaction easier, all information entered by the customer will be delivered securely to the company.

WhatsApp promises encrypted messages when communicating with companies, in the same way that happens between users. Whenever the company chooses securely store data in Meta, our information will not be shown nor will anything be filtered. What it cannot promise is the treatment of this information, since that is entirely up to the company’s decision. There are companies that in their Privacy Policy They will indicate that they are free to use what they have obtained through Flows. Therefore, it is recommended that you contact them beforehand to see their position on the matter.

It has also been revealed that it is possible even buy and rate products directly from WhatsApp. At the moment it is known that this service has been tested with companies such as Lenovo or the Latest News bank SBI, with favorable results. WhatsApp is preparing for a Flows launch in the coming weeks where it will be available to those who use WhatsApp Business.

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