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WhatsApp: Major update makes it easier to make yourself invisible

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is committed to further improving the experience of its messenger service, WhatsApp. After all, the competition is fierce: with Telegram, Threema and Signal there are tough competitors. Apple’s news app also wants to shine in the future with functions such as editing messages that have already been sent.

Online status is being revised

So far, you have the option of withholding your last time stamp from certain people or switching it off entirely. This means that it is no longer possible to track when you were last online.

However, this function has left a small gap: If you are currently online, every saved contact can see that you are in the app at this moment and are checking your messages or writing new ones.

With an update last December, WhatsApp began generally hiding online status from non-friends. With the new version, which is expected to be available for download this month, it should also be possible to activate this function for saved contacts. So you are able to specifically determine who is allowed to see that you are in the app at this second.

Another incognito feature is coming

The second function to be incognito in WhatsApp concerns the group chats. If you leave a group, this notice appears for every member in the history. In the new version, only the admins will receive a notification that you are no longer attending the round. According to WhatsApp, this function will also be made available to everyone this month.

Furthermore, the single view should also receive an extension. Basically, this works like Snapchat: photos or other media can be sent and disappear permanently after they have been viewed by the recipient. With a tap on that 1 icon the function can optionally be activated in the text line when sending.

The one-time view is expanded about blocking screenshots so that the recipient does not permanently save and share these types of messages with others.

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More updates for WhatsApp

WhatsApp also announced that deleting a message will now be increased to two days, up from an hour previously. This gives users significantly more time to reconsider messages that have already been sent.

The extended deadline comes with a tiny catch: All affected recipients must have the latest version installed. Otherwise the message will be retained and you will not be notified if it has not been deleted. In general, sensible adjustments were made to WhatsApp this year:

  • Messages in WhatsApp can be customized with emojis Leave a Comment
  • Recipients of minutes (or hours) of voice messages can play them faster
  • Android users can take all data from WhatsApp with them when setting up an iPhone for the first time

Prefer to stick with Android? The Google 6a is now available and we have put it through its paces for you:

Do you use WhatsApp? What functions are you still missing in order to remain loyal to Messenger? Write us your opinion!

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